5 Foods That Fend Off Hunger


The idea of eating to suppress appetite is more than a little appealing, and it makes sense. Of course, when you think about it, we do in fact eat to remove hunger. That sounds like an oversimplification but sometimes keeping it simple works out for the best. Since many people reach out to food in times of stress, anxiety and depression, sometimes we do have to make sure we are eating to fully satisfy our physical hunger to stave off emotional eating.

There are some foods that naturally help us keep hunger pangs at bay, especially hunger pangs that have more to do with feeding your emotions than feeding a true physical hunger.

Regardless of the root of your hunger, you can easily stamp it down with some delicious and nutritious foods.

Consider the following 5 foods that act as appetite suppressants:

1. Water

First things first—and sure, it isn’t technically a food, but there isn’t much more that is vital to the human body—make sure you stay well-hydrated throughout the day. Since the human body often reads thirst as hunger, it is easy to go for a caloric snack when a freebie from the fountain would suffice. Water is often overlooked in its ability to help control weight. Try to drink at least one cup, or eight ounces, of water each hour early in the day then begin to taper off in the afternoon to thirst. Add some ice cubes so your body has to work harder to bring the water to body temperature.

2. Green Tea

This one works in tandem with water, actually. Heat up some water then toss a tea bag in, and you are already two-for-two on this list. Green tea contains epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), which is an epic phytonutrient that helps stimulate the hormone cholecystokinin, or CCK, which creates that glorious feeling of satiety. EGCG gets bonus points for activating thermogenesis, or fat burning.

3. Apples

These little red, green or golden wonders are plentiful and are a fantastic way to fend off a mysteriously arising hunger when you are hours away from your planned dinner time and you’ve given your afternoon snack all the chances it deserves. When it is time for action, eat this nutrient and water dense snack to appease your tummy. The key appetite suppressing agent, according to Dr. Oz is the soluble fiber, or pectin, so eat up for a dose of tart or sour that will keep your calories in check.

4. Tofu

As with all foods, all things in moderation. If you have ever had some amazingly prepared tofu and overindulged, you have paid a price grounded in stomach discomfort, brought to you by oligosaccharides. Our bodies simply don’t have the enzymes to break down these particular starches, which means they are stuck in your stomach until they break down on their own. Knowing that, though, you can eat an appropriate serving size of tofu and feel full and satisfied for hours.

5. Almonds

Nuts and seeds in general are brimming with healthy fats, protein, fiber and vitamins, particularly vitamin E in almonds, so when you eat them in the correct serving size, almonds can help keep you from feeling hungry until your next scheduled meal.

9/12/2023 4:00:00 AM
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