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Posted by Lynn
Why is it that so many people have to have fire pits in their yards, make fires on the beach and at home when it's not even cold out? Don't tell me about atmosphere...and that they're romantic...B.S. There is nothing aesthetic or romantic about pollution. Everyone needs to stop making fires. Look at what fire has done to San Diego this past week.
Posted by John Valenty
I'm really starting to be concerned that all the hype surrounding the possibility of global warming melting the polar ice caps (in our lifetime) might be true. The message at first struck me like a thinnly supported political agenda without enough of the scientific community to back it up.\n\nWith the numbers of respected scientists making similar claims now, it is looking like we may literally be facing the worst enemy this planet has ever known. At the rate the polar ice caps are apparently melting (30 years?), this nation's war on terror might have to be refocused to a larger and more fierce enemy - which is industrialized global pollution and the burning of fossil fuel.\n\nI don't think country borders, laws, treaties, tradition, or opinion will hold up against this enemy. If it is real, this will clearly be the next World War focus for our nation and our fellow nations. \n\nI fear for my children who may end up getting caught up in this war just to have a safe environment to raise their children long after we're gone.\n\nCertainly as individuals, we need to be willing to make inconvenient changes to lead the way. We'll need to learn the facts and communicate them to our families, neighbors, coworkers, and bosses in clearer and more actionable terms. We'll need to hold each other accountable to make this change or our children will pay the ultimate price for our indifference. \n\nOur governments cannot save us from ourselves. We'll need to move to action without the fallibility of a particular spokesperson or a temporary political agenda. We can start making a difference through our own actions, voices and leadership in areas we can influence change.\n\nOn the positive side, solar energy technology has made revolutionary advances in performance and efficiency. We're right on the cusp of being able to enable homes, businesses, vehicles and boats to operate effectively on solar and hydrogen. It will not be convenient or inexpensive to convert. The technology is here now, and only about 24 months away from being commercially viable. Start thinking about how we're going to afford this convertion and how "we" as a nation are going to encourage others to follow our lead.\n\<url removed> will make as large of a contribution to this charge as it can. Please share any thoughts on what we can do to make the greatest difference.\n