Mind Sex Brings Passion Into Your Marriage (don't avoid it)

Creating Mind Sex

Mind sex is not about playing a game or manipulating your partner. Mind sex is mental foreplay before sex, and some men have mastered this already in their marriage while others have no idea what it is.

The men that have mastered mind sex in a marriage are those guys whose wives just can't seem to keep their hands off them. Well at least once in a while, that is. We do see this in married couples though, where you can tell that the couple just has that great sexual chemistry about them, resulting in intimacy in their marriage.

One of the secrets is that women need to be able to want and desire their husbands, and if a husband can tap into a woman's mind on this level he can begin to spark the natural fire and passion within her. This does not require that much work from a husband, but it does need to be consistent and done in the right way and over a short period of time.

Bring passion back into your marriage

1. Start out slow and draw her in with words that make her feel sexy. You can start by doing this once or twice a day, you can tell her, text her, e-mail her, all of that works. Now here is the rule, you have to speak to her in a way that a woman would want to hear! Examples: "You look sexy in that dress," "your eyes are beautiful and sexy," "the way your body moves in that skirt is so sensual." These are starter words and you can add to them. Do this for a few days to get your wife's mind cooking, so to speak. (for women who are reading this, you can do your job too by allowing these words to pique your interest).

5/15/2019 7:00:00 AM
Dawn Michael
Written by Dawn Michael
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