The Secret of Micro Movement Exercises

We all wish we had extra time to spend keeping in shape and to shave off that stubborn extra weight. The benefits to the body and mind of regular exercise is widely accepted. However since the economic crash most Americans are working longer and harder. There are days when one must put in an extra hour of work at the office instead of being able to go to the gym. Then when the weekend arrives, many of us try to "make up" for the loss of quality personal fitness time during the week by going that extra mile on the treadmill or playing an second game of tennis.

This is the when the body is most susceptible to injuries. We can not have a mostly sedentary week then expect to peak perform on the weekends. Especially at risk are the lower back, neck, and hamstrings where the ligaments and tendons tighten up from inactivity. For those of us who care about our physical health there is an alternative.

The latest research into health, fitness, and obesity shows that frequent, low - intensity exercise can be more beneficial than high - intensity exercise two times a week. This makes sense if you consider this practice was the standard of exercise for ten of thousands of years ...long before gyms or running regimes were ever invented. This frequent low intensity approach is also supported by the guiding principles of the ancient Chinese arts of Tai - Chi and Qi Gong.

Lifestyle change is not as difficult as one would imagine. Instead of taking an elevator up five floors to get to the next meeting, take the stairs.. Replace using the car with the bicycle whenever practical. Develop the habit of performing a quick set of push - ups every day before and after work. Simple but beneficial activities are often referred to as "micro movement" exercises.

It has been established that micro movement exercises are an excellent way to reduce stress and improve mental acuity throughout your day. Why not try a set of jumping jacks or a quick stretch outside before you have that next brainstorming session? As little as thirty seconds of micro movement exercises can make a huge difference in thinking ability and overall performance.

Create a simple routine. Do not attempt to start a whole new exercise regime all at once; little and often, slowly but surely is the best approach. Write a list of three micro exercises that can easily be performed during the day when convenient. When these three become a regular habit add one more until eventually you are performing ten micro exercises every work day.

Then the next time you want to push your body to its limits on the weekend you will find it is ready willing and able for the challenge.

If you need any additional help starting or improving any kind of exercise programs your Chiropractor will be glad to assist you. He or she is an expert on body mechanics and fitness regimes.

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10/29/2009 9:47:15 PM
Dr. David Parker
Written by Dr. David Parker
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Totally agree that a little something frequently is better than a big effort all at once.
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