Getting Sick

I am just recuperating from 2 weeks of nasty cold and sinus infection. Yuck! I can't tell you how much it slowed me down. And if you know moms (especially moms who work), we can't afford to slow down. But it occurred to me that maybe just maybe my body is smarter than I am. Just for a couple of weeks, I didn't workout (often) and I didn't wake up at 5:00 a.m. and work late every night like I usually do. I cancelled some appointments and took a couple of naps. Is it possible that maybe my body is smarter than I am and actually demanded that I slow down? Ok, I know reality is that I just got a nasty bug from my kids. But it is true that it takes a sickness or injury to physically make us slow down. Truth be told is that if we were smarter we would do it on our own from time to time and maybe not get sick. Right now I have that "high" that you feel from feeling a touch of health after a long illness. I feel like I'm going to do the right things and take good care of myself. But truth be told that high will be forgotten and I will be back to the grind in a week (probably less than that). Maybe if I read this blog of mine I can remind myself to slow down before I get the yucky cruds again!

2/20/2008 8:00:00 AM
Lisa Druxman
Written by Lisa Druxman
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I was feeling sick about two weeks ago. There was a really bad flu strain going around and people we getting sick for weeks. I heard about this juice from a good friend, she and her family have been drinking it for about 4 months. Relunctantly I bought a bottle and I was so surprised. I was feeling better within a day or so and now I'm drinking it everyday and I give it to my 16 month old daughter. It's called Youth Juice. It's all natural 100% organic made of 7 berries and 3 sea vegetables. My husband has been drinking it too and getting him to take a multi-vitamin pill is like taking a kid to the dentist. This juice has given him renewed life. He's happy and energetic all the time. Now he just wants to get healthy and workout. Check out this website for more information on the juice. <url removed> and go to this website to purchase some. <url removed>
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Not much later after I said this I caught a cold from my son.
Posted by Charlotte
I don't remember where I heard this from but it has really helped me stay pretty cold-free through out the year. To summarize, she said that there germs and cold virus all around us, but we only get sick when our body is most susceptible. What that means to me is to keep warm and keep my immune system as healthy as I can.
Posted by Charlotte
Thanks Lisa. Sometimes you just want to try and push through being sick but other times you just have to shut down. The body does know better. We just have to know the signs. Sometimes less is more.
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