3 Ways to Recognize and Calm Bipolar Anxiety

 Our minds naturally don't want to feel emotional or physical pain. The brain is hardwired to protect you from pain. Resisting emotional distress is a reflex, like yanking your hand away from a hot stovetop. 

In some situations, this mechanism keeps us safe, but not when what you are resisting is being present with your bipolar symptoms

The reality is that trying to protect yourself often - "backfires with high-intensity panic episodes."

Thus, the mindful approach to symptoms of bipolar disorder is radically different from what the mind wants to do. Therefore, it may seem illogical and counterintuitive to you. 

The critical thing to remember is that mindfulness works. This article today will focus on staying present with your unpleasant emotional state of anxiety. 

Yes, it sounds scary, but I promise you that once you experience this for yourself, you will see that there is no reason to be fearful.  

Learning how to stay present with your bipolar symptoms is the key to liberation from your suffering. Even beyond the symptoms of bipolar disorder, the pathway to liberation from all suffering is to be consciously present within reality - the way it exists, moment by moment.

3 Ways to Recognize Your Anxiety Attack 

There are many "Less Recognized Symptoms of Bipolar Disorder" and mindfulness works because it allows us to see what is going on in our minds. 

By observing our thoughts and emotions, we discover which thinking patterns are helpful and which ones aren't. 

You may think that you already know what's going on in your mind, but as you start practicing mindfulness, you will find that you weren't consciously aware at all. 

1. Bring Yourself Back to the Present 

When we sulk in pain and emotional discomfort, our brain's autopilot mode starts and tries to make the pain go away. 

As you practice mindfulness, you will understand your autopilot thinking patterns and how they may protect you from specific unpleasant thoughts and emotions. 

Autopilot thinking patterns can be helpful to only an extent. The problem with such thinking is that- it becomes a habitual rut for bipolar people, and they get stuck there. 

As a result, you end up ignoring your real mental issues, and anxiety and depression start to take over you.

So, now what's the solution to this? It's Simple: Do not ignore your sad emotions; think about them but never overthink about any tragic feeling. 

The key to not overthinking is that you accept the fact that- "life is beyond your control." 

If you constantly remind your brain of tragic feelings without accepting reality, it will give you anxiety over time. 

2. Confronting Impermanence

One essential truth of life is everything is impermanent. We exist for only a short time in this life. 

All of the things that we care about will pass on. Our autopilot mentality tries to protect us from this reality. 

Therefore, rather than pretending - "your mental issues don't exist," come to terms with the reality through your mindfulness practice. 

Being mindful of the concept of impermanence is the toll-free expressway to freedom from mental suffering and anxiety. 

This path leads to the solution to the bipolar puzzle and all other puzzles of lives. 

3. Learn to Relax in Unpredictable Times

Just as our fear of impermanence makes us uncomfortable, so does uncertainty. When we don't know what will happen in the future, we sometimes fear the worst, including death.

Our autopilot mentality tends to make up stories to fill in what we don't know. That's a survival mechanism. By generating and thinking about what might happen, we can prepare for various scenarios.

But, such a mentality can only be helpful when done as a conscious decision to plan for possibilities in the future.

However, it takes the form of worry more often, with the mind going in circles in habitual thinking ruts. Through mindfulness, you can learn to relax with not knowing about the future. 

Perhaps you can shift perspective and see uncertainty as exciting rather than scary.

The Key Takeaway

Anxiety is a crucial element around Manic Depression (Bipolar Disorder), and it's an excessive fear response. The fear is either extreme for the situation or an unnecessary worry. 

But, you too can learn how to stay present with difficult emotions like bipolarity, anxiety, and worry. 

It's all about being present in the real world and accepting reality, and your bipolar attacks will improve dramatically. The best way to gain mindful visualization is by practicing meditation daily. 

Of course, making meditation a daily habit, will take some time to master. Becoming more mentally aware takes guts. It's never easy to accept reality, especially when it's painful.

But remember, every time you have the opportunity to practice anxiety, your brain got stronger towards "feeling bad." 

What if you get a chance to practice meditation daily? Simple - "you will gain a strong and mindful perspective in life." Whatever you repeat becomes a habit, and your habits help you shape your personality. 

More bad feelings will make you more prone to anxiety and bipolarity. Whereas more mindful practice will help you find more clarity in life. 

9/8/2023 4:00:00 AM
Nidhi Thakur
Written by Nidhi Thakur
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