6 Everyday Herbs You Had No Idea Were So Good for Your Body

We've all heard of the latest crazes that are supposed to supercharge our bodies. From kale to quinoa to coconut oil, you've heard them all. What you haven't heard of are basic herbs that you can find in your kitchen that'll surprise you with their health benefits.

You don't need to run out and buy most of these herbs; they're probably in your spice cabinet at home or in your fridge! Here are some everyday herbs with some serious health benefits you might want to take advantage of.


Ginger is an amazing root that's used to treat a variety of conditions by herbalists. Here are just a few things ginger can do:

- Prevents blood clots

- Stops nausea and vomiting, especially during pregnancy or chemotherapy

- Helps digestion including constipation and bloating

- Boosts immune system by encouraging lymphatic flow and eliminating toxins

- Can help stop pain

- Can inhibit tumor growth

- Improve insulin sensitivity in people with diabetes

- Help menstrual cramps by improving blood flow

Insane, right?

How to take: Fresh ginger root in cooked foods, smoothies, or boiled for a tea. Dried ginger root makes an excellent tea. Incorporate this helpful herb into your daily life!


This bright orange spice is just as lively as it looks. Available in dried form for a tea, fresh as a root, or powered for spicing up your meals, turmeric has some highly beneficial properties to it.

- Stops inflammation

- Neutralizes free radicals

- May reduce risk for cognitive disorders such as dementia

- May reduce risk of heart disease and heart attacks

- May help prevent and treat cancer

-Help arthritis

-May reduce depression

How to take: In golden lattes, powdered spice form in a variety of foods (even a bit in tuna fish salad is delicious), fresh or dried root boiled to make a tea.


I love growing parsley in my garden, mostly because my four rabbits love it, but also because it's a great addition to just about any meal or smoothie.

Health benefits of this vibrant green plant are numerous:

- Rich source of antioxidants

-May help protect against cancer

- May improve urinary tract health, including health of the kidneys and gallbladder

- Helps digestion

-Strengthens bones

-Boosts the immune system

-May help balance hormones

How to take: Fresh in foods is best. Do not consume if you're pregnant or expecting to get pregnant anytime soon.


Rosemary is actually part of the mint family and can be used for a variety of different ailments. Its scent has been known to help calm and rejuvenate while its other properties promote bodily health.

- May help improve memory and concentration

- Strengthens immune system

- Antibacterial to help treat infections

-Can help gastrointestinal disorders

-Increase circulation

-Help detoxify the body

How to take: Fresh herb is great for seasoning foods such as meat and soups; you can also use fresh or dried rosemary to make a tea to help relieve headaches and cold symptoms.


I adore cinnamon. It's a warming spice that goes well in so many different meals. Here's just how much cinnamon is helping your body out!

-Helps stabilize blood sugar

- Rich source of antioxidants

-May help protect the heart through reducing bad cholesterol and promoting healthy blood pressure

- Fights inflammation in the body

- May protect the brain's cognitive function

- May protect against DNA damage, which could reduce your risk of cancer

How to take: Dried cinnamon can be used in everything from oatmeal to smoothies. You can use dried cinnamon chips to make an excellent tea to enjoy during the cooler months.


I'm a little obsessed with garlic. People who eat garlic are less likely to get cancer, and this everyday herb has some powerful properties when it comes to protecting your body.

-Protects the heart by reducing arterial plaque

- Significantly lowers cancer risk

- Lowers blood pressure and makes blood pressure easier to control

- Can help prevent colds

-Can treat infections

- May help stop hair loss

- May protect the brain from cognitive decline

How to take: Fresh garlic can be taken as a supplement; there are also capsule forms of garlic you can swallow. My favorite form is just to cook with it. My fiancé laughs because I have a 5-clove garlic minimum for most dishes we make.

Did you know about the health benefits of these marvelous herbs? Consider keeping them in your house or incorporating them more into your meals. These everyday spices and plants have the potential to dramatically improve your health. If you're interested in working more with these herbs, consider supplementing your care with an herbalist or natural doctor.

Have fun!

6/18/2017 7:00:00 AM
Jenn Ryan
Written by Jenn Ryan
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Basil has more nutrition than spinach.
Posted by Judith
I add a sprinkle of Cinnamon to my coffee grounds to brew. Gives the coffee a nice taste, but don't use to much!
Posted by dbar
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