5 Things You Don’t Know About Chiropractic

When many people think of the chiropractor, they think of a doctor who makes your bones make odd sounds. While it’s true that some chiropractic adjustments can make the occasional joint release air or “pop” when adjusting to its normal position, chiropractic is a safe practice that’s been done for thousands of years. That being said, there’s bound to be some stuff you don’t know about it.

Here are five things you probably don’t know about chiropractic adjustments!

1. It Doesn’t Hurt

Your first chiropractic adjustment might feel a bit odd, simply because your body has never experienced an adjustment before. In addition to this, it’s likely that because you’re visiting the chiropractor, your spine has been out of alignment for a while. This means your body has gotten used to an improper alignment, therefore walking around in the correct posture will likely feel different. This is a good thing! And no, it doesn’t hurt.

As you continue to get adjustments to correct any subluxations or problems in your spine, the more comfortable you will become, and after a while, it won’t feel any different as you continue to heal and your spine adjusts to the proper alignment! 

2. You Don’t Have to Go Forever

Many people think that once you start going to the chiropractor you’ll have to go for the rest of your life. This isn’t true. Many people go until they have a problem corrected, then follow their chiropractor’s instructions and trainings for how to maintain proper posture and spinal health. The main thing to remember about this is that your chiropractor is not responsible for your body. You will have to do the work to better your posture, kick those poor sitting and standing habits to the curb, and do any exercises your chiropractor may have suggested in order to keep feeling great. 

Many people still choose to continue going to the chiropractor weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly in order to ensure their spine is in good health and to prevent problems from happening over time. Chiropractic adjustments are surprisingly affordable after your initial visit, and well worth the fee to keep feeling great.

3. Your Chiropractor Is One Knowledgeable Doc

Chiropractors offer you a wealth of knowledge that is often difficult to find with a conventional doctor. They’re educated about fitness and nutrition, and many athletes visit them in order to stay in optimal shape to better compete. Even if you’re not an athlete but love to exercise, chiropractic adjustments can help keep you feeling great and prevent injury. If you’re doing intense exercise such as running on a poor spine alignment, you’re further wearing into a poor posture that will cause you problems later in life.

Your chiropractor can also watch out for other health conditions and advise for symptoms that you’re not sure what to do with. Having headaches, attention problems, or leg pain? Chiropractors aren’t just knowledgeable about your back. Talk with them about how they can help you construct your complete picture of health.

4. It Helps More Than Your Spine

Did you know that chiropractic adjustments are good for your whole body? They can help digestion, sexual health, vertigo, joint pain, and many more ailments. This is because your spine is essentially a house of nerves. Dr. Gil from Dr. Gil Center for Back, Neck and Chronic Pain Relief, knows how influential these segments are to total wellness. “31 pairs of spinal nerves exit the spine and travel to every tissue, cell, and organ in the body. Chiropractic adjustments open the nerve pathways, allowing the spinal nerves to communicate more effectively with the rest of the body. This helps not only relieve pain and stiffness, but can also improve a person’s health and wellness. Optimal function equals optimal health!”

When your spine is suffering from a misalignment due to an accident, injury, or just years of poor posture and neck problems, your whole body suffers. When your nerves aren’t communicating properly, an array of symptoms can happen. These range from allergies to attention problems to painful menstrual cramps. Ouch!

5. Pain Is a Sign You’ve Had a Problem for a While

Often, we hear about people that just “twisted the wrong way” or something else simple that led to a severe back problem. While this may be their interpretation of the event, these people often have problems going on for years before symptoms arise. You normally don’t experience severe pain instantaneously unless it is the result of a sudden accident or injury—your body has been experiencing issues for a while, and because of this trigger event, they are just now coming to light.

Your chiropractor will help your body to heal with adjustments. Once the problem is on its way to being corrected, your body can now naturally heal itself. It’s important to follow your chiropractor’s instructions for aftercare. Exercise, avoid sitting too long, and eat well. Chiropractors are about wellness, not just spinal health!

If you’re considering chiropractic care, consider that chiropractors are knowledgeable health practitioners that can help you achieve wellness and alleviate your chronic pain. With these five things you likely didn’t know about chiropractic care, it’s time to stop taking meds and start getting adjusted—let your body heal naturally with chiropractic adjustments!

2/29/2016 8:00:00 AM
Jenn Ryan
Written by Jenn Ryan
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