10 Most Stressed Out States In America

In my last Wellness article, the healthiest states in America were highlighted in terms of mental health, physical health, and everything in between.

In hindsight, stress is something that persistently plagues the world. Stress is one of the main issues that society faces. Related problems such as bullying, economic conditions, and stressful daily commutes all add to stress levels. So many people face heavy amounts of stress everyday and don’t bother to even acknowledge or change anything. Society has this odd way of just accepting that they are ‘forever inevitably stressed out.’

An in-depth study by Movoto has revealed the most stressed out cities in Continental America. There were many factors to this, including unemployment rates, population density, the rate of those with no health insurance, costs of living, and the average amount of hours worked per week.

The 10 Most stressed out states in America

The 10 Most Stressed Out States by Movoto

  1. Florida
  2. Georgia
  3. New Jersey
  4. California
  5. Nevada
  6. Illinois
  7. New York
  8. Maryland
  9. North Carolina
  10. Arizona

The following graph offers a little bit more information behind the most and least stressed out states:

Graphical interpretation of the most stressed states

Click here for an interactive version of the graph.

And furthermore, this is how population density correlates:

Graph of population density of the states

Click here for an interactive version of the graph.

Fortunately, stress doesn’t have to take control of our lives. Allowing stressors to build up and dominate is mistake number one. Accepting that stress is everywhere and learning how to manage daily stress is key.

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Robert Parmer
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BINGO!!! People in Floriduh are crooks and rude idiots. Many of the tourists can't speak even basic English. Most jobs are lower paying than anywhere else in the country. And the drivers and the traffic, Forgetaboutit!!!
Posted by Howard D. Brown
You missed Arizona in the Population Density graph. Though it would have been low to very low.
Posted by John
I've lived up and down the West coast from tiny towns to major metropolitan cities including San Francisco and Seattle. It depends upon the area even within a region. Traffic along the Seattle corridor is mind bending but on the east side like Issaquah and Sammamish most folks are rested, pleasant and at peace with each other and their natural world. Oddly, in small towns like Modesto road rage, shootings and extreme anger are common. It seems to depend upon areas rather than a broad generalization of an entire state.
Posted by Pup Mom
You have it all backwards in my opinion. People in Florida, Georgia and California are more laid back and easy-going than people in New York who are on the run all the time.
Posted by Helene
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