Energizing Superfood Smoothie

Wellness Tip: The same old protein shake doesn't cut it in comparison to this easy, functional and exotic smoothie you can make in minutes. Instead of blending a simple protein shake or smoothie, try throwing in several extra hours of energy from healthiest possible real food ingredients.

Your energizing smoothie can contain powerful superfoods including raw hemp seeds, chia seeds, maca and avocado which are loaded with super beneficial energizing properties.

Remember to blend the base of your smoothie first with filtered water, adding any nuts, seeds, then blend in the protein powder, any fresh dark leafy greens you have, along with an avocado and you can add a banana for a little sweetness if you have one on hand. After its well blended, then add in the hemp seeds, chia seeds and maca. I usually blend in ice at the end to be sure the other ingredients are completely blended first.

I hope you like it!

Kim Challan

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9/2/2014 7:00:00 AM
Kim Challan
Written by Kim Challan
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I have a similar smoothie every morning. I fill the blender with spinach and kale, then add whatever other veggies are looking tired, today was half a tomato. I always keep frozen blueberries or strawberries to replace the ice, add some egg beaters, protein powder and almond milk and blend it up. I add my chia, flax or other after I pour it in the cup as I always found that a lot of it ended up stuck at the bottom of the blender.

Here is my question, I love avocado and I know all about good fats... BUT, what about calories vs calories burned. I find by adding avocado or peanut butter that brings the calorie count way up and I am not sure the health benefits offset the added 150-250 calories they contribute.

If you have an opinion, please post to me- Brian Newmark
Posted by Brian Newmark
Tried it, loved it. Great recipe! Thank you.
Posted by John Valenty
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