What is balance walking

It is a form of daily exercise that is so easy, no need to schedule gym time, just keep the poles in the back of your car. Make the time during the day, lunch break, work-walking meeting or while you make a hands-free phone call. If you don't, then when you pull in your driveway take a 15 minute walk before walking in your door. If you commit yourself to 15 minutes every day, after a night or two of walking when you get home you will find yourself making time during the day. No matter how busy I am, walking is always something I am glad I took a few minutes to do.

Why add the poles to your walk? You get more of a workout, in half the time, while it feels like you are working less. It does this by using 90%  of the muscles in your body, while supporting you and giving a spring to your step. The results and benefits help your bodies cardiovascular system, joints, circulation, promotes good posture, engages core and improves body alignment. If you wear good shoes, walking will activate foot reflexology zones.

Although walking does improve memory and brain function, I like the poles in my car because they remind me to take myself for a walk every day.

5/6/2014 7:00:00 AM
Krin Patrie
Written by Krin Patrie
I love getting people started on an easy, positive change that takes only 15 minutes everyday.
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