4 Popular At-Home Workout Programs for Women

Gyms have gained an outrageous number of members over the past several decades and the numbers seem to be increasing at a steady pace.  Many women who want to lose weight and get fit initially choose to go to a gym because of the access to equipment, fitness professionals, and for the social interaction from others with similar goals who they run into while at the gym.  For many women, this makes sense and can help motivate them to reach their goals.  But, for other women this just isn't practical for them, for a variety of reasons. 

On average, the typical gym membership in the United States costs anywhere from $40 to $55 per month.  That's $480-$660 a year!  And, if you decide to work with a personal training 3 times a week as recommended by gyms, you can add an additional $660-$900 a month to the bill.  That's an additional $7920-$10,800 a year!  Going to the gym is also an ongoing cost in many other ways.  Consider the following:  the cost of gas to drive to the gym multiple times a week, the time to drive to a gym, having to spend even more time away from home and family, trying to squeeze it into an already busy schedule, the cost of paying babysitters to watch their children while at the gym, and time wasted waiting in lines for equipment. 

To many women, this just isn't making sense anymore.  Our lives are non-stop from the time we get up to the time we go to bed....and for once it would be nice to save a little extra money!  But, can women really get the same results without working out at a gym?  Oh yes they can!  Check out these great home workouts for just a small fraction of the cost of working out a gym:


Check this one out!  It was designed just for women by Charlene Johnson.  It's a cardio conditioning program, 12 workouts (so you won't get bored), a fitness guide, a schedule, nutrition plan, as well as online support.   

Cost:  around $144


Many people, both women and men, have seen incredible results with Insanity and have gotten absolutely shredded at home with no equipment.  It was created by Shaun T and is a 60 day workout, with no equipment necessary, nutrition guide included, calendar for progress tracking, and online support tools as well.

Cost:  also around $144


This well-known program was created by Tony Horton, and he claims that you can get ripped in 90 days with intense, mix-n-match workouts, a nutrition plan, a fitness guide, a calendar, and online support.  Many women shy away from these kinds of workouts, but if you want to get the results that you are looking for outside of the gym, without having to purchase a bunch of equipment, P90X could be your solution! 

Cost:  around $139

HipHop Abs 

I can't think of a woman in the world who doesn't want GREAT looking abs!  There is nothing sexier than a gorgeous, lean stomach area and this workout will help you acheive this....in the comfort of your own home.  Shaun T, the creator of Insanity, has put together 10 workouts to help you get rid of the flab and show those abs!  This one also includes a calendar, step-by-step nutrition guide, and a tape measure and measurement card.

Cost:  around $28

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2/7/2018 8:00:00 AM
Amanda Smith
Written by Amanda Smith
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