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3.5 star average for Service
3.5 star average for Environment
3 star average for Expertise
4 star average for Staff
3.5 star average for Recommended
4 star average for Value
Completely unsatisfied with the way you do business!! I placed an order on 3/7/16 and never received my order. I contacted you again on 3/31/16 to find out why I had not received my order, only to learn you no longer accept Medicare. I received no notice that you no longer accept Medicare, via mail, email etc. It would have been nice to receive such a notice so that I could contact another company ahead of time. Now I am low on supplies and have to find someone who can ship my supplies before I run out of supplies. I WOULD NOT ever recommend this company to anyone!!!!
Order CPAP Supplies (Mask, filters and hose) in Dec everything item I order was wrong upon receiving my order. Order CPAP Supplies (Mask, filters and hose) in Dec everything item I order was wrong upon receiving my order. For 2 months I have been calling to receive my proper CPAP supplies and keep being told different stories. The customer service with this company is ZERO! They billed my insurance company for supplies and I am not able to receive new correct supplies for another month now. This company does insurance fraud with the bat and switch.
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Yes! They are terrible, many c/s reps gave different reasons for a product
I was inquiring about...even not returning calls after many messages left.
Today, a supv.(Vivian) lied to me about info supplied to my doctor on
12/23/14. When asked for proof of confirmation she received, she said
she won't send me it....then proceeded to cancel a "pending order as she
needed medical records"...after almost three months of excuses. This she
did after failure to provide info on product (one) that they said they only carry.
Did the staff at this retail store pressure you to purchase any unnecessary products during your visit?
Absolutely not! I was never uncomfortable
Did this retail store have reasonable prices?
Were you able to get all of your questions answered while you were at this retail store?
Are you going to visit this retail store again?
If I need to, I'll return
Was the staff at this retail store friendly?
They have fantastic service and deliver all of my supplies directly to my home. They have the best products, and tremendous customer service. Their shipping is free too!
Absolutely the worst people I have ever dealt with on the phone. I got three different stories from three different reps. One excuse was that the computers were down for a few days. That doesn't explain why I have received no supplies since February. No one seems to care and one rep was quite snippy with me. Will change suppliers as soon as able. Too many suppliers to put up with such shoddy service. As far as their "highly trained phone representatives", NOT! A few third graders could do as well.
I'd give half a star if I could...they can answer the phone; it's just downhill after that!
Was the staff at this retail store friendly?
Yes, they went above and beyond
horrible customer service. No one can ever get a manager send dirty used unsanitary durable medical equipment. Poor delivery time no call to say delivery cancelled after scheduling delivery.
Was this provider's staff friendly?
Yes, they went above and beyond
Were you able to get answers to simple questions from this provider without scheduling an appointment?
Absolutely! I'm always able to get my questions answered over the phone right away!
Was this provider's office too cold?
Not at all, it was the perfect temperature
Did this provider have reasonable prices?
Would you recommend this provider to others?
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