Maurice Archuleta, MD

Maurice Archuleta, MD
Wheat Ridge Family Clinic 6301 W 38th Ave Wheat Ridge, CO 80033
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3 star average for Service
4 star average for Environment
2.5 star average for Expertise
3.5 star average for Staff
2.5 star average for Recommended
Stop whining and be thankful they will see you. Not many places will take medicaid. They are doing the best they can. No doctor's office is perfect.
by Jerry
May 05, 2016
The fact that I ignored several red flags that popped up within my first five minutes there should have been enough to make me walk out the door, but I didn't. Guaranteed I'll never be walking IN that door again!!

First of all, the ladies behind the front desk, although very nice, were dressed ENTIRELY inappropriately for a family doctor's office. Leave your skin-tight, sleeveless club dress and push-up bras at home. Really, I was shocked this passed as okay, as it's nowhere near professional. The rest of the time, skin-tight, lowcut shirts and skin-tight jeans and inches of makeup were the norm. Every single time, everyone looked like they were planning on going out clubbing the second work was done for the day.

Secondly, there are no doctors, just nurse practitioners. My nurse, Patti, before even discussing my history, tried to sell me hair growth treatments that one of her friends assumedly runs - "Tell them I sent you and you'll get a good price". HIGHLY UNPROFESSIONAL!!! If your doctor tries to sell you an expensive cosmetic procedure, when you have a newborn baby in your arms, I think you can probably gather they're not going to care about your problems. Also, she only works two days a week, and you're not allowed to see any of the other doctors that work there, so if you have a very tight schedule (which I DO), then you're just SOL.

I have a rare and extremely painful genetic condition, which has been verified by two separate doctors, one of which works at the University of Colorado genetics department, so it's probably safe to say he knows what's going on. After hearing this, and telling me that she was familiar with it from working with children in the past, she proceeded to basically tell me that since blood tests didn't confirm what SHE thought it was, I was lying. She was not interested in helping me with my pain via referral (since they do not handle pain there, which is OK with me, all I wanted was a referral) and even though I made it perfectly clear that I'm in the ER at least once a month, sometimes more, she refused to do anything.

The irony of this all is that moments before making it clear that she believed I was lying about what multiple other doctors have seen and treated me for, she told me that a lot of her patients stop seeing her because they don't feel like she cares. Now I know why. She *doesn't* care.

Avoid this place at all costs. I only came here because they took Medicaid, but I'd do literally just as well to sit at home and tell myself that the pain that makes me unable to stand from my chair or buckle my own seatbelt is just in my head and save the state a few bucks. The fact that this horrible "healthcare provider" is getting any money for the "care" I received is ridiculous.

So in summary, here's the pros:
They take medicaid
They have a very useful online portal
They get you in and out quick

Here's the cons:
Unprofessional staff
Completely inflexible scheduling
Staff that thinks they know more than people who specialize in your problems
Ridiculous amount of appts necessary before a referral is given
No willingness to make a plan to fit your needs

If I could give negative stars to Patti and the rest of the staff, I would.
by Moonie
January 18, 2014
They always dress so professionally here, the entire staff obviously makes an effort to look their best and maintain a very professional appearance. I couldn't believe how knowledgeable and well-informed the staff was. They were able to answer all my questions, except the ones they needed to have their boss's input on. It was great to be able to talk to such a skilled staff. I love that they are always more than happy to answer my questions, and actually welcome questions. I've felt awkward at some other places I've visited when I've tried to ask a lot of questions, but not here. They go out of their way to make everyone feel equally respected and cared for. I've seen client favoritism at some of the other places I've been, and I really appreciate the extra effort they make to avoid that here. It was very easy to get an appointment. They have a very flexible schedule and get me in quickly every time.
by Bonnie Lindstrom
November 27, 2013
This place reminds me of a scam hidden behind the facade of professionalism. Went in for some straight-forward health issues and they proceeded to run a gauntlet of tests I didn't want or need...not a biggie since my insurance should have covered it....but.....

They didn't submit to my current insurance provider. Even though I brought in my Blue Cross card and handed it over to them, they for whatever reason decided to bill to my old provider, which was out-of-network. When I caught their error, I quickly let them know, but they refused to fix it......and fast forward a year, they still refuse to fix it. It's a quarter-grand error....and now I'm getting collection letters.

When I called them to try and work it out, I nearly had an anxiety attack. The woman on the other end got belligerent with me, telling me to shut up and be quiet. When I told her she was belittling me, she admitted she was, but that I deserved it. Even when I asked if we could split the error....I pay 50%, they pay 50%, she literally laughed and said 'that's not going to happen'. HORRIBLE reason why he doesn't have good ratings on most healthcare sites. Should have done my research first.
by Anonymous
May 09, 2013
Does this provider remember you and your circumstances at every appointment?
Absolutely not! I constantly have to repeat and re-explain my situation!
Did you notice a foul odor when you arrived at this provider's office?
Definitely, it was nauseating
Did a staff member acknowledge or greet you when you entered?
No, no one seemed to notice I was there
Was the waiting area spacious?
Has this provider ever cancelled your appointment on you last minute?
They try not to, but sometimes it happens.
by Anonymous
February 13, 2012
Was there annoying music playing while you waited or during your visit?
No, if they had music on it was very soothing
Was this provider willing to stay open late to accomodate your needs?
Definitely! They would never turn away anyone in need
Does this provider welcome questions?
Absolutely! They are happy to answer all of my questions
Is this provider willing to pursue advice from other providers when necessary?
Absolutely! They aren't arrogant at all and are more than willing to pursue advice when necessary
Did you leave the office feeling satisfied with your visit?
by Anonymous
January 22, 2012
Did this provider seem well-trained and experienced?
Yes, they seemed very qualified
by Anonymous
January 13, 2012
How would you compare this provider to others in his/her field that you have visited?
Not the worst, but certainly not the best
Was it easy to make an appointment with this provider?
I waited longer than I wanted to, but it wasn't terrible
Did the staff make you feel uncomfortable when you called with questions or concerns?
No, they didn't make me feel uncomfortable
Does this provider offer flexible appointment times?
Somewhat, but it's still difficult to get an appointment
by Anonymous
January 09, 2012
It is obvious that their office is cleaned regularly. It was fantastic. The restrooms at this office were spotless. It smelled amazing in there and looked immaculate. When I arrived for my appointment the friendly staff seemed to be waiting for me. I've been to other places where I had to wait forever after I arrived for my appointment, but not here. I was very impressed. Anna Mayer, the NP is awesome and attended to my needs with care.
by mary
December 08, 2011
Are you confident that this provider will continue working with you until a solution is reached?
No, I'm always worried they're going to settle with a solution that isn't the best
Does this provider welcome questions?
No, They dismissed my questions as unimportant
Did this provider show attention to detail?
Yes, I've never had to worry about them missing any important information
Did you feel safe in this provider's care?
Mostly, I was still a little nervous
Were you able to relax during your appointment?
by Anonymous
December 07, 2011
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