Dr. Paul J MacKoul, MD

Dr. Paul J MacKoul, MD
The Center for Innovative GYN Care 3206 Tower Oaks Boulevard Suite 200 Rockville, MD 20852
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I am so thankful that I sought a second opinion from Dr. MacKoul when my OBGYN recommended a hysterectomy. I did indeed need the procedure but not for the reasons I was originally told. Dr. MacKoul was so patient with my questions and thorough with his exam and preparation prior to surgery. I was told by my OBGYN 3 weeks of recovery time and 4 incisions. Once starting my surgery it was discovered that my amount of scar tissue was significantly more than expected. The majority of surgeons would have had to switch to a full abdominal hysterectomy. Despite that fact that the surgery took longer than expected Dr. MacKoul skill and expertise allowed him to keep it a laparoscopic procedure and I was almost fully back to normal in less than a week. Even within that week my discomfort was very minimal. My friends and family that have had this procedure were amazed at how easily I recovered. I suffered for years with pain and extremely heavy bleeding. I tried birth control, I was told to consider ablation - neither of which would have helped with my Adenomyosis. Dr. MacKoul correctly diagnosed and treated me and has given me my quality of life back. If you are considering a hysterectomy I highly recommend you at least consider meeting with Dr. MacKoul and his team to get a second opinion and evaluate your options. I am so very glad that I did.
by Amber xxx.xxx.234.93
August 19, 2019
Thank you, Dr. MacKoul,

It is overwhelming as to how super I feel. I see life through a different perspective. I look forward to living each day to the fullest. I enjoy being happy and being the warm and smiling person to everyone I come across. Those closest to me, say i am a different person.

I encourage all ladies to really listen to your bodies, and be open and honest with your doctors. Trust yourselves to speak up.

Dr. MacKoul and his entire staff, and everyone at the surgery clinic were exceptional. Their strong work ethics and professional bedside manner provided a most peaceful and calm experience I have ever experienced in my life.

I am truly greatful. I have my health back because of Dr. MacKoul.

Thank you again, Dr. MacKoul and staff.
by Mai xxx.xxx.5.204
August 09, 2019
I recently had a hysterectomy performed by Dr. MacKoul, and I highly recommend Dr. MacKoul and the Center (Center Innovative GYN Care) to any woman. From the first consultation, through to the surgical procedure, follow up, and finally, my post-op appointment, I was totally satisfied with the service I received.

Dr. MacKoul was very kind and patient to address my health concerns. He also understood the gravity of a woman making the decision to have such a surgery performed. He was very patient and understanding. The surgical procedure went very well, and my stitches are healing beautifully.

The Center's staff was exceptional, as well as the facility. Professional staff in all aspects (verbal communication, telephone, face-to-face), clean, calming atmosphere.

Finally, I received two calls from the nurse, a text from the anesthesiologist, and a get-well card from the office. I was a bit surprised, but I had forgotten, this was the same great experience I had just 10 years ago with Dr. MacKoul and the staff. So many medical facilities treat patients like a number; therefore, such personal care was a welcome surprise.

This was not my first encounter with Dr. MacKoul. I had a previous surgery in 2008, and because I had such a good experience then, I contacted him again, when I received a diagnosis that required another surgery.

I realize this is a rather lengthy review, but I really wanted women to know that you have a good place to turn, should you need GYN care.
by SageofGrace xxx.xxx.249.133
November 14, 2018
Dr. MacKoul and staff personnel were very professional in their care for me and supported me with all of my concerns and questions. I feel that my surgical procedure went very well and am very delighted this is all behind me! It was quick and very thoroughly done. I was cared for very well. Dr. MacKoul explained what he was going to do and that put me at ease.
by Mary xxx.xxx.151.193
November 05, 2018
Does the OBGYN's staff maintain a professional appearance?
Very unproffessional
Did you feel that your appointment with this OBGYN was worth it?
Definitely no
Did this OBGYN fully explain your treatment's risks and benefits?
Not really
Does this OBGYN have a good reminder system about yearly appointments?
Did this OBGYN treat you with respect?
by Anonymous xxx.xxx.33.178
October 12, 2018
Being just 24 years old, Dr. MacKoul was the only doctor who never judged me, he heard me out, and he fixed my problems! He is the absolute best of the best. I was able to do 2 flights of stairs the day after my hysterectomy, I was able to return home to my 3 large jumping dogs within 1 week, and within 2 weeks I was able to return to my highly demanding job (lifting 25lbs). Being 4 months post-op, I have never felt better. I wish I had found Dr. MacKoul sooner, and I wish I had this done sooner. Thank you, Doctor. If you are having doubts, DON'T. You will be in the best hands possible. Don't even be nervous! He made a major surgery feel like a minor surgery.
by Ash xxx.xxx.23.161
March 07, 2018
Dr. MacKoul is an excellent doctor. I came back to work after two weeks from my surgery without any issues. I would recommend Dr. MacKoul to everybody who need a minimally invasive surgery. Thank you so much to Dr. Mackoul. Great doctor!!!
by Sabrinna xxx.xxx.105.198
January 17, 2018
Very talented doctor
by Judith sangbong xxx.xxx.3.131
December 06, 2017
Dr. MacKoul is a phenomenal surgeon. I dealt with fibroids for over 15 years and Dr. MacKoul relieved me of this condition in a 1.5-hour, minimally-invasive surgery. The recovery was very fast; I was driving in 5 days. I cannot say enough about the professionalism of the staff and all who were involved with my care. I initially attempted to manage my situation through naturopathic means, so I was very healthy, but my body could not figure out how to get rid of fibroids that ultimately weighed over 9 pounds. I can say two things about my experience: 1) If you are suffering from enlarged fibroids and doctors in your area don’t seem confident in what to do with you, seek out Dr. MacKoul. You will not be an anomaly to him. 2) Do your best to maintain your health – diet, sleep, exercise, supplements, etc. – as healthy lifestyle choices will help you recover optimally post-surgery. Dr. MacKoul’s surgical skill has given me a new lease on life. My experience has been life-changing. I wish you well.
by Extremely Satisfied Patient xxx.xxx.177.190
September 17, 2016
I cannot say enough wonderful things about Dr. Mackoul and the staff at the Center for Innovative GYN Care. I had a very large, pedunculated fibroid (11 cm) located on the outside of my uterus. The fibroid started out small when first diagnosed years ago and my then OB/GYN suggested watchful waiting. While I had no pain or bleeding with this type of fibroid, I did, however, over this past year, notice that I was having some symptoms that included bloating, the appearance of a lump when laying down, and frequent urination. I heard about Dr. Mackoul while listening to WTOP on the way to work one morning. I contacted the Center and was able to get a consult appointment at the Annapolis office. Because I am 47 years old, and do not plan to have children, a hysterectomy was recommended, but leaving my one ovary. I was very nervous, but Dr. Mackoul was very reassuring and explained to me everything I needed to know. I had surgery at Holy Cross Hospital on 2/16/16. I came home that evening, took a pain pill to help me sleep that night. When I woke up the next morning, I couldn’t believe how good I felt. I only used Motrin for the next two days and returned to work six days later on 2/22/16. You can’t even tell where my incisions were! All I can say is my experience from beginning to end has been top notch. For women that are told they need invasive surgery, you MUST make an appointment with Dr. Mackoul. You will not regret it. He is amazing.
by Lisa xxx.xxx.88.98
April 05, 2016
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