Natural Facelift with Acupuncture

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Chinese Medicine supports attaining youth and beauty from the inside out. A basic tenet of the medicine is that your outside reflects the status of your health on the inside. It is all about balance and the free flow of Qi through all the channels that can help keep your face and skin vibrant and glowing. The best way to attain both the inside and outside health and beauty is done through Acupuncture.\n\nResults:\n*Reduction in fine lines\n*Leveling of deeper lines\n*Improved elasticity\n*Collagen formation\n*Overall skin tone becomes more consistent\n*Wrinkles on the decollete disappear\n*Jowls can be minimized\n\nSome Health Effects:\n*Hot flashes go away\n*Weight Loss\n*Decreased indigestion and bloatness\n*Anxiety goes away\n*Headaches disappear\n*More energy and better sleep\n\nThe cosmetic acupuncture is the green way to get the youth you are looking for.\n\nVisit us online at\n\nStay Healthy,\nDr. Neda\n(818) 990-5321\n