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Psychiatrist Wilmington, DE



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Psychiatrist Wilmington, DE

Find a psychiatrist in Wilmington, DE who can help with mental health, depression, stress, anxiety, counseling, family and relationships, therapy, and more.

Results for Wilmington, DE

  • Oscar Galvis, MD 320 Points

    Oscar Galvis, MD

    Christiana Counseling Inc
    5235 W Woodmill Dr
    Wilmington, DE 19808
  • Kathlyn Rowen, MD 300 Points

    Kathlyn Rowen, MD

    3521 Silverside Rd Ste 2C
    Wilmington, DE 19810
  • Norman Broudy, MD 260 Points

    Norman Broudy, MD

    Brody & Assoc
    825 N Washington St
    Wilmington, DE 19801
  • Peter Zorach, MD 240 Points

    Peter Zorach, MD

    Partners In Mental Health
    1601 Concord Pike Ste 56-58
    Wilmington, DE 19803
  • Pablo Villafuerte, MD 200 Points

    Pablo Villafuerte, MD

    St Francis Behavioral Ctr
    1400 Delaware Ave Ste 1A
    Wilmington, DE 19806
  • Nidia De Yanez, MD 150 Points

    Nidia De Yanez, MD

    2401 Pennsylvania Ave Ste 110
    Wilmington, DE 19806
  • Oliver Yost, MD 120 Points

    Oliver Yost, MD

    Nemours Childrens Clinic Wilmington
    1600 Rockland Rd, Div Of Behavioralhealth
    Wilmington, DE 19803
  • Richard Cruz, MD 110 Points

    Richard Cruz, MD

    1701 Augustine Cut Off Ste 8
    Wilmington, DE 19803
  • Lynne Hagelin, MD 110 Points

    Lynne Hagelin, MD

    1303 Delaware Ave Ste 13
    Wilmington, DE 19806
  • Dilipkumar Joshi, MD 110 Points

    Dilipkumar Joshi, MD

    1321 Gilpin Ave
    Wilmington, DE 19806
  • Neil Kaye, MD 110 Points

    Neil Kaye, MD

    5301 Limestone Rd
    Wilmington, DE 19808
  • Alexander Dever, MD 100 Points

    Alexander Dever, MD

    Behavioral Health Assoc Inc
    1500 Shallcross Ave Ste 1
    Wilmington, DE 19806
  • Salvatore Muleh, MD 100 Points

    Salvatore Muleh, MD

    Brandywine Center For Wellness
    515 W 18th St
    Wilmington, DE 19802
  • Elizabeth Chacko, MD 100 Points

    Elizabeth Chacko, MD

    2601 Annand Dr Ste 11
    Wilmington, DE 19808
  • Harold Rosen, MD 100 Points

    Harold Rosen, MD

    Christiana Care Health Svc
    501 W 14th St, Christiana Care-Dept Psych
    Wilmington, DE 19801
  • Richard Kingsley, MD 100 Points

    Richard Kingsley, MD

    Du Pont Hospital For Children
    1600 Rockland Rd, A I Dupont Institute
    Wilmington, DE 19803
  • Robert Dumin, MD - No Longer in Practice 100 Points
  • Scott Houser, MD 100 Points

    Scott Houser, MD

    5239 W Woodmill Dr Ste 49
    Wilmington, DE 19808
  • Adam Bowman, MD 100 Points

    Adam Bowman, MD

    Jefferson Psychiatric Assoc
    1201 Chestnut St Ste 1400C
    Wilmington, DE 19805
  • Saleem Khan, MD 100 Points

    Saleem Khan, MD

    1213 Delaware Ave, Delaware Guildance Service
    Wilmington, DE 19806
  • Arthur Lazarus, MD 100 Points

    Arthur Lazarus, MD

    1800 Concord Pike, Box #15437
    Wilmington, DE 19803
  • Mariam Mammen, MD 100 Points

    Mariam Mammen, MD

    1021 Gilpin Ave Ste 200
    Wilmington, DE 19806
  • Michael Marcus, MD 100 Points

    Michael Marcus, MD

    Pathways Assessment & Referral
    501 W 14th St, Christiana Care Hlth 4172
    Wilmington, DE 19801
  • Gerard Sager, MD 100 Points

    Gerard Sager, MD

    1321 Gilpin Ave
    Wilmington, DE 19806
  • Dennis Young, MD 100 Points

    Dennis Young, MD

    1504 N Broom St
    Wilmington, DE 19806
  • Praful Desai, MD 90 Points

    Praful Desai, MD

    PO Box 5376
    Wilmington, DE 19808
  • Shao-Chi Yu, MD 50 Points

    Shao-Chi Yu, MD

    1807 Baynard Blvd
    Wilmington, DE 19802
  • Lynne Hagelin, MD

    Lynne Hagelin, MD

    #107 The Plaza
    1303 Delaware Ave
    Wilmington, DE 19806
  • Constantine Azarcon, MD

    Constantine Azarcon, MD

    Azarcon Constantine MD
    3411 Silverside Road ,Rodney Bldg Suite 107
    Wilmington, DE 19810
  • Karl Mcintosh, MD

    Karl Mcintosh, MD

    Cgntve&Behvrl Thrpy
    3411 Silverside Rd
    Wilmington, DE 19801
  • Floyd Cornelison, MD

    Floyd Cornelison, MD

    16 Stone Hill Rd
    Wilmington, DE 19806
  • Neil Kaye, MD

    Neil Kaye, MD

    5301 Limestone Rd Ste 103
    Wilmington, DE 19801
  • Phyllis Smoyer, MD 100 Points

    Phyllis Smoyer, MD

    Delaware Psychiatric Ctr
    Distance: 5.89 mi
    1901 N Dupont Hwy, Delaware Psychiatric Ctr
    New Castle, DE 19720
  • Anita Leynes Amurao, MD 100 Points

    Anita Leynes Amurao, MD

    Distance: 5.89 mi
    10 Central Ave
    New Castle, DE 19720
  • Ranganathan Ram, MD 100 Points

    Ranganathan Ram, MD

    Distance: 5.89 mi
    1901 N Dupont Hwy
    New Castle, DE 19720
  • Hermes Tengonciang, MD 100 Points

    Hermes Tengonciang, MD

    Distance: 5.89 mi
    1901 N Dupont Hwy
    New Castle, DE 19720
  • Kirti Ramnivas, MD 50 Points

    Kirti Ramnivas, MD

    Distance: 5.89 mi
    1901 N Du Pont Hwy, De Psych Ctr
    New Castle, DE 19720
  • Elena Shabash, MD 50 Points

    Elena Shabash, MD

    Distance: 5.89 mi
    1901 N Du Pont Hwy, Delawate Psych Center
    New Castle, DE 19720
  • Sharon Zwillinger, MD 170 Points

    Sharon Zwillinger, MD

    Sharon Zwillinger, MD
    Distance: 8.47 mi
    724 Yorklyn Road
    Suite 375
    Hockessin, DE 19707
  • Caroline Ekong, MD -10 Points

    Caroline Ekong, MD

    Distance: 8.47 mi
    40 Withers Way
    Hockessin, DE 19707
  • Carmela Koussis, MD

    Carmela Koussis, MD

    Distance: 9.01 mi
    8 Black Rock Rd
    Chadds Ford, PA 19317
  • Marsha Speller, MD 310 Points

    Marsha Speller, MD

    Distance: 11.61 mi
    200 Continental Dr Ste 209
    Newark, DE 19713
  • 300 Points

    Mid-Atlantic Behavioral Health

    Distance: 11.61 mi
    910 S. Chapel St.
    Newark, DE 19713
  • Jay Weisberg, MD 160 Points

    Jay Weisberg, MD

    Distance: 11.61 mi
    262 Chapman Rd Ste 100E
    Newark, DE 19702
  • Carol Tavani, MD 120 Points

    Carol Tavani, MD

    Christiana Psychiatric Services
    Distance: 11.61 mi
    4745 Ogletown Stanton Road, Suite 124, Medical Arts Pavillion
    Newark, DE 19713

Psychiatrist Info

Psychiatrist Summary:
Psychiatry involves the treatment, rehabilitation and prevention of mental illness. A psychiatrist diagnoses mental and emotional disorders using assessments and may order further psychiatric diagnostic laboratory tests if necessary. Mental and emotional disorders including difficulty coping, stress, trauma, mood and anxiety disorders, substance-abuse disorders, sexual issues, schizophrenia, and addictions may be helped by different forms of psychiatry.

Common Treatments: Psychiatrists commonly treat children and adults suffering from attention deficit disorder (ADD), clinical depression, eating disorders, anxiety disorders, phobias, paranoia, psychosis, OCD, and panic attacks. Additional disorders treated by psychiatrists are: mania, schizophrenia, claustrophobia, paranoia, agoraphobia, social anxiety disorder, hallucinations, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and panic disorder.

Psychiatrist FAQs:
What is a


A Psychiatrist is a licensed physician who specializes in the evaluation, prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of mental and emotional disorders.

What is the Difference between a Psychologist and a Psychiatrist?

Psychologists are concerned with the different aspects of behavior and mental processes and cannot prescribe medications. A clinical psychologist uses psychotherapy and other counseling skills to improve emotional and mental health. A Psychiatrist is a medical doctor who performs psychotherapy but can also prescribe medicine.

Why might I see a Psychiatrist?

You could see a Psychiatrist for abuse, addictions, anxiety, coping mechanism issues, depression, an eating disorder, emotional distress, personal growth, phobias, relationship issues, sexual problems, and trauma.

What are the requirements for becoming a licensed Psychiatrist?

A Psychiatrist must have a Masters or a Doctoral Degree from an accredited school. Other requirements toward becoming a Psychiatrist include residency training and board certifications that vary from state to state.

Psychiatrist Related Terms:
anxiety, behavioral disorders, depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, suicide, relationship difficulties, chronic mental illness, parenting issues, adjustment disorders, personality disorders, lobotomy, antidepressants