Wellness Points

Wellness points help track your contributions and reward you by promoting your Wellness.com presence. For every contribution you make, points will be earned to help boost your Wellness score. Points can be earned in a variety of ways, such as uploading a photo, writing blog content, or leaving a review. The more points you have, the higher you will rank in the Wellness.com system. Below is a chart that explains how much you can earn by doing tasks on Wellness.com.

Item Point Value
Business Tasks
Upload an Image Add an image to make your listing more welcoming. 100
About Me, Services Complete these sections of your listing to explain your business to potential customers. 100 each
Education, Training, Certification, Affiliation, Staff Fill out each of these sections to provide information about your business. The more complete your listing, the better informed your clients. 50 each
Custom Condition, Procedure, Service Creating custom content is the perfect showcase for your specialties and help you stand out. 10 each
Customer Boosts
Maintain a rating of 3 stars or better (10 reviews min.) As long as you maintain an average rating of at least 3 stars (with 10 reviews or more), your Wellness score will be increased by 100 points. 100
Receive a review with a rating of at least 3 stars For every positive review you receive, you will get a boost. Ask your customers to leave a review and your Wellness score will keep going up. 10 each
Receive a review with a rating of less than 3 stars For every negative review you receive, points will be removed from your Wellness score. Providers with many negative ratings will have a lower Wellness score which will help to warn others to steer clear. -10 each
Interaction Tasks
Claim your business listing Claim your business listing during the edit process (while you are adding all of the other items above) and you will get a nice boost in your Wellness score. 100
Respond to a review left on your business listing Once you claim your business listing you will have the opportunity to reply to reviews while you are logged in. Each review you comment on will earn you more points. 100 each
Community Tasks
Profile: Birthday Set your birthday in your Wellness member profile for a few extra points. 5
Profile: Name, About, Interests, Job, Website, City Fill out your personal details in your Wellness member profile and if you have claimed a business listing these points will help to increase your Wellness score. 10 each
Profile: Upload an image Display a photo of you (or something you care about) for your Wellness member avatar. 20
Profile: Email Notifications set to ON Keep your member preferences set to receive Wellness emails. 100
Directory: Answer a poll about your healthcare provider Review places you have been (i.e. a gym, salon, or pharmacy) and you will get a boost in your Wellness score. 1 each
Directory: Leave a review for your healthcare provider Take the time to leave a review after answering the poll questions mentioned above. 2 each
Blogs: Write a blog (and have it approved) Publish a blog about something meaningful to you. 10 each
Goals: Add a goal Add a goal to start a list of things you wish to accomplish. 1
Goals: Add 5 goals Add 5 goals of things you want to accomplish. 2
Community Boosts
Receive a comment on your blog (from a member) If you have a published blog, you will get points for every comment you get from another member. Write a popular blog and the points will keep coming! 5 each
Receive a comment on your blog (from a guest) If you get any comments from visitors to the site who aren't members you will still receive points. 2 each

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