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Marriage & Family Therapist Oakland, CA


Marriage & Family Therapists

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Marriage & Family Therapist Oakland, CA

Find a Marriage and Family Therapist near Oakland, CA to help with family or relationship issues.

Results for Oakland, CA

  • Robin Furner, MFT
    560 Points

    4000 Broadway
    Suite 1
    Oakland, CA 94611
  • Shachar Erez, MFTi
    390 Points

    Integral Psychotherapy
    445 Bellevue Ave.
    Suite 1
    Oakland, CA 94610
  • George Vassiliades, MFT
    320 Points

    Vassiliades, George, MFT
    445 Bellevue St
    Oakland, CA 94610
  • Heather Macbeth, MA,MFTI 250 Points

    Private Practice
    5767 Broadway Street, Suite 102
    OAKLAND, CA 94618
  • Cary Okano, Marriage and Family Therapy Intern
    200 Points

    Expressive Arts Therapy
    5767 Broadway
    Oakland, CA 94611
  • Nicky MacCallum
    200 Points

    Maccallum Nicky MFT, NCC
    5332 College Avenue, Suite #204
    Oakland, CA 94618
  • Susan McCree
    200 Points

    516 Oakland Ave.
    Oakland, CA 94611
  • Noah Oderberg, PhD 200 Points

    Noah Oderberg- Clinical Psychologist
    5435 College Avenue
    Oakland, CA 94618
  • Matthew Lindgren, MFT 100 Points

    Blackbird Family Therapy, Inc.
    3956 Edgemoor Place
    Oakland, CA 94605
  • Bronwyn Warren 30 Points

    4171 Piedmont Avenue
    Oakland, CA 94611
  • Teri K. Smith 20 Points

    410 43rd Street
    Oakland, CA 94609
  • Alena Hutchinson 10 Points

    5478A College Ave
    Oakland, CA 94618
  • Teresa Allen

    4171 Main St.
    Oakland, CA 94611
  • Joseph Cristofalo

    5313 College Avenue
    Oakland, CA 94618
  • Martha Helms

    516 Oakland Ave.
    Oakland, CA 94611
  • Steven B. Herrmann

    2220 Mountain Boulevard
    Oakland, CA 94611
  • Ellen B. Klyce

    525 Bellevue Ave
    Oakland, CA 94610
  • Sheila Longerbeam

    3852 Piedmont Avenue
    Oakland, CA 94611
  • Elana J. Vitek, Therapist

    Marriage & Family Therapist
    445 Bellevue Avenue Suite 203
    Oakland, CA 94610
  • Ellen C Odza

    4283 Piedmont Avenue
    Oakland, CA 94611
  • Mary Owen

    444 34th Street
    Oakland, CA 94609
  • Howard Pollack

    4026 Piedmont Ave
    Oakland, CA 94611
  • Paul E. Rammer

    2917 McClure Street
    Oakland, CA 94603
  • Ernest Saunders

    4283 Piedmont Avenue, Suite F-4
    Oakland, CA 94611
  • Lana Theimer

    5625 College Avenue
    Oakland, CA 94618
  • Craig Toonder

    431 30th Street, Suite 7B
    Oakland, CA 94609
  • Melvin Torly

    2220 Mountain Blvd., Suite 240
    Oakland, CA 94611
  • Charles Wickstrand

    1811 Brentwood Road
    Oakland, CA 94602
  • Cheryl Deaner, Therapist and Counselor, LMFT
    300 Points

    Psychotherapy - LMFT 36764
    Distance: 2.02 mi
    1148 Stanford Avenue, Emeryville, CA
    Emeryville, CA 94662
  • Gail Sher 20 Points

    Distance: 2.02 mi
    1500 Park Ave., Suite 435
    Emeryville, CA 94608
  • Gail Eiselman

    Distance: 2.55 mi
    49 Park Way
    Piedmont, CA 94611
  • Elizabeth Dandenell, MFT 110 Points

    Psychotherapy Practice
    Distance: 3.14 mi
    2515 Santa Clara Ave
    Alameda, CA 94501
  • Ann Wlad, LMFT 100 Points

    Distance: 3.14 mi
    2223 Santa Clara Avenue
    Alameda, CA 94501
  • Marilyn G Marco 10 Points

    Distance: 3.14 mi
    2241 Central Ave, Suite G
    Alameda, CA 94501
  • Sinead Smyth 10 Points

    Distance: 3.14 mi
    2515 Santa Clara Avenue
    Alameda, CA 94501
  • Isadora Alman

    Distance: 3.14 mi
    917 Walnut Street
    Alameda, CA 94501
  • Claire Marie Crosetti

    Distance: 3.14 mi
    2245 Santa Clara Ave., Suite 200
    Alameda, CA 94501
  • Sally McIntyre

    Distance: 3.14 mi
    620 Westline Drive
    Alameda, CA 94501
  • David Leong, LMFT
    570 Points

    David Leong LMFT
    Distance: 4.65 mi
    3120 Telegraph Ave
    Suite 4
    Berkeley, CA 94705
  • Jim Moyers, MFT
    350 Points

    Moyers Jim MFT
    Distance: 4.65 mi
    2424 Dwight Way
    Berkeley, CA 94702
  • Peter Carpentieri, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist 200 Points

    Holistic Psychotherapy
    Distance: 4.65 mi
    2315 Prince Street
    Berkeley, CA 94705
  • Orit Weksler, MFT 200 Points

    Distance: 4.65 mi
    2000 Dwight Way, Suite D
    Berkeley, CA 94704
  • Michael Korson, MFT
    110 Points

    Michael Korson, MFT
    Distance: 4.65 mi
    3120 Telegraph Ave. #4
    Berkeley, CA 94705
  • Jeff Cohen 100 Points

    Mind/Body Psychotherapy
    Distance: 4.65 mi
    Berkeley and San Francisco
    Berkeley, CA 94704
  • 100 Points

    Distance: 4.65 mi
    2006 Dwight Way, Suite 201
    Berkeley, CA 94704
  • Orit Weksler 60 Points

    Distance: 4.65 mi
    3045 Telegraph Ave
    Berkeley, CA 94705
  • 50 Points

    Distance: 4.65 mi
    1656 University Avenue
    Berkeley, CA 94703
  • David Vandevert 50 Points

    Distance: 4.65 mi
    925 The Alameda, #24
    Berkeley, CA 94707
  • 20 Points

    Distance: 4.65 mi
    2315 Prince St.
    Berkeley, CA 94705

Marriage & Family Therapist Info

Marriage & Family Therapist Summary:
A Marriage and Family Therapist is trained in the mental health profession to diagnose and treat mental and emotional issues and concerns within marriages, couples and families.

A Marriage and Family Therapist focuses on getting to the core of problems that arise within groups of people. The therapy itself is relatively short-term, because they concentrate on treating the problem at the source and aiming for quick and effective results. A Marriage and Family Therapist is trained, licensed and certified to deal with a multitude of problems and concerns that cause tension and distress within families and couples.

Education and Training: Those who wish to enter the field of marriage and family therapy must first complete undergraduate training. This can either be in the form of a Masters degree or a Doctoral Degree. A Masters degree typically takes 2 to 3 years to complete and a Doctoral degree is usually 3 to 5 years. Then, 2 years of clinical experience and 3 to 4 years of clinical training must be completed. On average, a marriage and family therapist must undergo at least 12 years of training before he or she can complete the state licensing exam to become certified.

Many people who choose to enter this profession are already established as a psychologist, social worker, nurse, or counselor.

Marriage & Family Therapist FAQs:
What is a

Marriage and Family Therapist

A Marriage & Family Therapist is a professional who works with individuals, couples, or families to resolve conflicts and improve their relationships. A Marriage & Family Therapist helps to communicate, settle differences and solve problems within a couple or family unit.

How often do people see a Marriage and Family Therapist?
Many see a Marriage & Family Therapist for a short period of time. Some see a Marriage & Family Therapist for only a few sessions and others go for several months, depending on the relationship.

What are some signs that one should seek the help of a Marriage and Family Therapist?
Those who are dealing with any stressful situation in a relationship should seek a Marriage & Family Therapist. Some common issues a Marriage & Family Therapist can help with are: Anger, Blended Families, Infidelity, Infertility, Finances, Substance Abuse or Unemployment.

What is marriage and family therapy?
Therapists believe that all members of a family or group work together to influence the behavior of each individual. Therefore, in order to treat one, all members must be treated. This will serve to assist everyone involved at the same time, rather than focusing efforts on one person.

What are the benefits of using a Marriage and Family Therapist?
These therapists have been proven to be more effective and successful at treating family problems because this is their area of expertise. The number of sessions required is usually quite low because the therapist tackles the underlying concerns at the core and focuses on immediate solutions rather than long-term care. It has been shown to improve behavior and school performance in children.

How do I find a Marriage & Family Therapist in my city and state?
The directory will help you locate a Marriage & Family Therapist in your state. Select Marriage & Family Therapist from the professionals menu and select the state that you are looking to locate a Marriage & Family Therapist in. After you have located your state, find the city that you will need a Marriage & Family Therapist in. Select the state and city and you will see a list of Marriage & Family Therapists in your city and state.

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