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Dermatologist Houston, TX



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Dermatologist Houston, TX

Find a dermatologist in Houston, TX for dermatology treatments of the skin, hair and nails.

Results for Houston, TX

  • Leonard Goldberg, MD, FRCP
    4510 Points

    Leonard Goldberg, MD, FRCP

    7515 South Main
    Suite 240
    Houston, TX 77030
  • Jan Schwartz, MD
    1270 Points

    Jan Schwartz, MD

    Dermatology Center of Memorial
    902 Frostwood Dr Ste 153
    Houston, TX 77024
  • William Waidhofer, MD
    900 Points

    William Waidhofer, MD

    Cypress Fairbanks Dermatology
    10611 Grant Road
    Houston, TX 77070
  • Jimmy Schmidt, MD 840 Points

    Jimmy Schmidt, MD

    819 Peakwood Dr
    Houston, TX 77090
  • Alanna  Bree, MD
    730 Points

    Alanna Bree, MD

    A Children's House for Pediatric Dermatology
    1976 W Dallas Street
    Houston, TX 77019
  • Stephen Mahoney, MD 720 Points

    Stephen Mahoney, MD

    West Houston Dermatology
    12606 West Houston Center Blvd. #110 West Houston Dermatology
    Houston, TX 77082
  • John Bowden, MD 650 Points

    John Bowden, MD

    Brad Bowden Inc
    2211 Norfolk, Suite 405
    Houston, TX 77098
  • Margaret Waisman, MD
    520 Points

    Margaret Waisman, MD

    Affiliated Dermatologists
    2201 West Holcombe Blvd.
    Houston, TX 77030
  • Young Kwak, MD, CPhT, CSM
    500 Points

    Young Kwak, MD, CPhT, CSM

    18220 State Highway 249
    Suite 270 Houston Methodist Willowbrook MOB I
    Houston, TX 77070
  • Jan Fuerst, MD 480 Points

    Jan Fuerst, MD

    909 Frostwood Dr Ste 311
    Houston, TX 77024
  • Jeannette Greer, MD 470 Points

    Jeannette Greer, MD

    2450 Fondren Rd Ste 311
    Houston, TX 77063
  • Mark Price, MD
    440 Points

    Mark Price, MD

    Advanced Dermatologic Surgery
    1213 Hermann Dr, #650
    Houston, TX 77004
  • Elizabeth Basler, MD
    400 Points

    Elizabeth Basler, MD

    Medical Center Dermatology
    7505 Main St Ste 530
    Houston, TX 77030
  • Esta Kronberg, MD 370 Points

    Esta Kronberg, MD

    A-Cute Derm
    7500 Beechnut St Ste 228
    Houston, TX 77074
  • Ming Jih, MD 360 Points

    Ming Jih, MD

    Derm Surgery Assoc
    7515 Main St Ste 240
    Houston, TX 77030
  • Thomas Nichols, MD 350 Points

    Thomas Nichols, MD

    2424 W Holcombe Blvd Ste 103
    Houston, TX 77030
  • Norman Guzick, MD 340 Points

    Norman Guzick, MD

    Dermatology Of The Southwest
    7777 Southwest Fwy Ste 956
    Houston, TX 77074
  • Bradley Beckman, MD
    320 Points

    Bradley Beckman, MD

    bradley beckman,md
    915 Gessner Suite 640
    Houston, TX 77024
  • Samuel Bean, MD 310 Points

    Samuel Bean, MD

    1200 Binz St Ste 990
    Houston, TX 77004
  • Mark Price, MD
    310 Points

    Mark Price, MD

    1213 Hermann Dr
    Houston, TX 77004
  • Suzanne Bruce, MD
    310 Points

    Suzanne Bruce, MD

    Suzanne Bruce and Associates, PA
    1900 Saint James Place #600
    Houston, TX 77056
  • Betty Markham,, MD
    300 Points

    Betty Markham,, MD

    15655 Cypress Woods Medical Drive
    Suite 100
    Houston, TX 77014
  • Greg Pearson, MD
    300 Points

    Greg Pearson, MD

    915 Gessner Rd
    Ste 950
    Houston, TX 77024
  • Janice Rollefson Chang, MD
    300 Points

    Janice Rollefson Chang, MD

    17300 El Camino Real
    Houston, TX 77058
  • Terry Williams, MD
    300 Points

    Terry Williams, MD

    17300 El Camino Real
    Suite 103
    Houston, TX 77058
  • Elizabeth Basler, MD
    260 Points

    Elizabeth Basler, MD

    7505 Main St
    Greenpark II, #300
    Houston, TX 77030
  • Isabella Gyening, Md, Faad, MD, FAAD 200 Points

    Isabella Gyening, Md, Faad, MD, FAAD

    1200 Mckinney Street
    Ste 473
    Houston, TX 77010
  • Marie Maurice, Md, Faad, MD, FAAD 200 Points

    Marie Maurice, Md, Faad, MD, FAAD

    10701 Vintage Preserve Parkway
    Houston, TX 77070
  • Paul Friedman 200 Points

    Paul Friedman

    Paul M. Friedman, MD
    6400 Fannin Street, Suite 2720
    Houston, TX 77030
  • Jon Stern, MD 200 Points

    Jon Stern, MD

    7500 Beechnut St Ste 350
    Houston, TX 77074
  • Milton Moore Jr, MD 190 Points

    Milton Moore Jr, MD

    Gospel Of Peace Helpline
    9350 Kirby Dr Ste 100A
    Houston, TX 77054
  • Leslie Tenaro, MD 170 Points

    Leslie Tenaro, MD

    Memorial Clinical Associates
    1201 Dairy Ashford #200
    Houston, TX 77079
  • Max Reddick, MD 170 Points

    Max Reddick, MD

    902 Frostwood Dr Ste 247
    Houston, TX 77024
  • Robert Totz, MD 160 Points

    Robert Totz, MD

    Dermatology Associates
    909 Frostwood Dr Ste 203
    Houston, TX 77024
  • George Hetherington Jr, MD 160 Points

    George Hetherington Jr, MD

    2539 S Gessner Rd Ste 8
    Houston, TX 77063
  • Pauline Scott, Md, Mba, MD 160 Points

    Pauline Scott, Md, Mba, MD

    13105 Wortham Center Drive
    Houston, TX 77065
  • Seymour Weaver III, MD 160 Points

    Seymour Weaver III, MD

    4007 Bellaire Blvd Ste Gg
    Houston, TX 77025
  • Vicky Pham, Manager 150 Points

    Vicky Pham, Manager

    Clear Dermatology
    17756 Katy Freeway
    Suite G-1
    Houston, TX 77094
  • Annette Harris, MD
    150 Points

    Annette Harris, MD

    7505 Main St
    Greenpark II, #300
    Houston, TX 77030
  • Mohsin Mir,, MD
    150 Points

    Mohsin Mir,, MD

    1111 Augusta Drive
    Houston, TX 77057
  • Sindy Pang, MD
    150 Points

    Sindy Pang, MD

    7505 Main St
    Greenpark II, #300
    Houston, TX 77030
  • Debra Chernosky, MD 140 Points

    Debra Chernosky, MD

    Chernosky Dermatological Assoc
    6410 Fannin St Ste 703
    Houston, TX 77030
  • Steven Mays, MD 130 Points

    Steven Mays, MD

    6655 Travis St Ste 820
    Houston, TX 77030
  • Gildo Micheletti, MD 130 Points

    Gildo Micheletti, MD

    1213 Hermann Dr Ste 540
    Houston, TX 77004
  • Jaime Tschen, MD 130 Points

    Jaime Tschen, MD

    Stehlin & DE Ipolyi Clinic
    6655 Travis St Ste 590
    Houston, TX 77030
  • Benjamin Edery, MD 120 Points

    Benjamin Edery, MD

    A-Plus Dermatology Ctr
    7737 Southwest Fwy Ste 750
    Houston, TX 77074
  • Margaret Lemak, MD 120 Points

    Margaret Lemak, MD

    Affiliated Dermatologists
    4101 Greenbriar St Ste 115
    Houston, TX 77098

Dermatologist Info

Dermatologist Summary:
A Dermatologist specializes in skin care, hair and nail treatments. A dermatologist is concerned with maintaining healthy skin, nails and hair as well as diagnosing and treating skin conditions and diseases that can be treated with dermatology. They also correct disfigurements, blemishes and scars. You might see a dermatologist for acne, or see a dermatologist for dermatitis.

Education and training: To become a dermatologist, 4 years of medical school is required as well as a 1 year residency in dermatology training. If the student wishes to specialize in a certain area, another 3 years of training is required. You might see a dermatologist for acne, or see a dermatologist for dermatitis.

Dermatologist FAQs:
What is a


A Dermatologist is a physician that specializes in skin, hair and nail care.

When should I see a Dermatologist?
You can see a Dermatologist for acne, dermatitis, psoriasis, scars, warts or skin cancer. You can see a cosmetic Dermatologist for cosmetic surgery.

What is a Dermatopathologist?
A Dermatopathologist is a specialized Dermatologist who focuses in skin diseases. You can also see a regular Dermatologist for treatment of skin diseases.

What are some sub specialties of dermatology?
Dermatologists may choose to specialize in treating children, treating degenerative diseases, cancer or cosmetic dermatology.

What are some common skin diseases?
Some common skin diseases are cancer, lesions, herpes, warts and various infections.

What are some common skin conditions?
Some common skin conditions are acne, rosacea, psoriasis, blisters, sunburn, eczema, hives, wrinkles and birthmarks.

When is skin surgery needed?
Skin surgery is performed to prevent or control diseases of the skin such as melanoma and other skin cancers, to diagnose diseases and conditions through biopsies, and to improve skin appearance.

How do I find a Dermatologist in my city and state?
The directory will help you locate a Dermatologist in your state. Select Dermatologist from the professionals menu and select the state that you are looking to locate a Dermatologist in. After you have located your state, find the city that you will need an Dermatologist in. Select the state and city and you will see a list of Dermatologists in your city and state.

Dermatologist Related Terms:
skin care, nail care, hair care, acne, dermatitis, cosmetic surgery, psoriasis, scars, skin cancer, skin diseases, warts, dermatologist