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Acupuncturist Summerfield, FL



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Acupuncturist Summerfield, FL

Find an acupuncture specialist in Summerfield, FL to help with illness, prevention, holistic care, balance, pain management, and more.

Results for Summerfield, FL

  • Robert Novak, A.P., Dipl. OM
    440 Points

    Robert Novak, A.P., Dipl. OM

    Holistic Healing Center
    17820 SE 109th Ave. Suite 107
    Summerfield, FL 34491
  • Ann Tidwell, PhD, AP 170 Points

    Ann Tidwell, PhD, AP

    Beach Breezes Facials & Acupuncture
    Distance: 3.63 mi
    10250 SE HYW 441 Suite 103
    Belleview, FL 34420
  • Lynne Sheppard, AP 130 Points

    Lynne Sheppard, AP

    Whole Health Institute
    Distance: 3.63 mi
    5703 SE Abshier Blvd
    Belleview, FL 34420
  • Lynne Carol Sheppard 10 Points

    Lynne Carol Sheppard

    Distance: 3.63 mi
    5743 SE Robinson Rd
    Belleview, FL 34420
  • John Riddle, DOM 80 Points

    John Riddle, DOM

    Mulberry Integrative Medicine
    Distance: 7.36 mi
    910 Old Camp Rd.
    The Villages, FL 32162
  • John Williams, D.C., F.I.A.M.A.
    1000 Points

    John Williams, D.C., F.I.A.M.A.

    Williams Chiropractic & Acupuncture
    Distance: 13.89 mi
    1551 NE 14TH ST
    Ocala, FL 34470
    550 Points


    Distance: 13.89 mi
    420 SE 17TH ST
    OCALA, FL 34471
  • Iqlia L Hungerford, A.P. 220 Points

    Iqlia L Hungerford, A.P.

    Acupuncture, Herbs & More
    Distance: 13.89 mi
    2901 sw 41 street
    Ocala, FL 34474
  • Cynthia Gray   RN, AP 140 Points

    Cynthia Gray RN, AP

    Distance: 13.89 mi
    2206 SE 3rd Avenue
    Ocala, FL 34471
  • Barbara Schwartz 10 Points

    Barbara Schwartz

    Distance: 13.89 mi
    2206 Southeast Third Avenue
    Ocala, FL 34471
  • Cynthia E Gray AP

    Cynthia E Gray AP

    Distance: 13.89 mi
    2206 SE 3rd Ave.
    Ocala, FL 34481
  • Cynthia E. Gray

    Cynthia E. Gray

    Distance: 13.89 mi
    2206 SE 3rd Ave.
    Ocala, FL 34471
  • Wayne Eric Johnson

    Wayne Eric Johnson

    Distance: 13.89 mi
    1007 SW 1st Avenue
    Ocala, FL 34474
  • Barbara Brandon Schwartz

    Barbara Brandon Schwartz

    Distance: 13.89 mi
    2206 SE 3rd Ave.
    Ocala, FL 34471
  • Solara Attatharya, DIM, DOM, AP, DNBHE
    450 Points

    Solara Attatharya, DIM, DOM, AP, DNBHE

    A Abundant Health Holistic Center
    Distance: 23.72 mi
    2200 S. Bay St.
    Suite. B
    Eustis, FL 32726
  • Charng-Shen Wang, AP,MA,PT
    520 Points

    Charng-Shen Wang, AP,MA,PT

    ARC Acupuncture and Physical Therapy
    Distance: 27.58 mi
    3735 Lake Center Dr.
    Mount Dora, FL 32757
  • Janean Hamilton, RN,DOM,AP
    220 Points

    Janean Hamilton, RN,DOM,AP

    Harmony Health and Acupuncture
    Distance: 27.58 mi
    303 N. Baker St suite A
    Mount Dora, FL 32757
  • Saterra Vishnu, DOM, AP 200 Points

    Saterra Vishnu, DOM, AP

    American Acupuncture Academy
    Distance: 27.58 mi
    6909 Old Hwy 441,
    Suite 220
    Mount Dora, FL 32756
  • Marigrace McNamara 10 Points

    Marigrace McNamara

    Distance: 27.58 mi
    PO Box 2012
    Mount Dora, FL 32756
  • Gail Thurman

    Gail Thurman

    Distance: 27.58 mi
    620 East 5th Avenue
    MOUNT DORA, FL 32757

Nearby Cities

Belleview (3.63 mi)
The Villages (7.36 mi)
Ocala (13.88 mi)
Eustis (23.72 mi)

Acupuncturist Info

Acupuncturist Summary:
An Acupuncture Specialist (or Acupuncturist) uses needles to treat illnesses and pain. People visit an Acupuncture Specialist to relieve pain, stress, and allergies.

Acupuncturist FAQs:
What is an Acupuncture Specialist?
An Acupuncturist is a licensed professional who performs acupuncture. A Acupuncturist is also called an Acupuncturist. An Acupuncturist uses needles to prevent and cure illnesses or pain.

When should I see an Acupuncturist?
You can see an Acupuncturist to relieve pain or stress. You can also see an Acupuncturist to treat headaches, back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, or allergies.

What is Acupuncture?
Acupuncture is a medicine practiced by a trained Acupuncturist. It originated in China and involves using needles to ease pain by stimulating the body. Acupuncturists have practiced in China for over 3,000 years.

Acupuncturist Related Terms:
facial renewal acupuncture, cupping, moxibustion, Gua Sha, Zen Shiatsu, Chinese herbal formula, herbal medicine, smoking cessation, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), pain relief, alternative medicine, Acupuncturist