Saterra Vishnu, DOM, AP

Saterra Vishnu, DOM, AP
American Acupuncture Academy 6909 Old Hwy 441, Suite 220 Mount Dora, FL 32756

Saterra Vishnu, DOM, AP

With 35 -years of experience in the fields of Acupuncture and Bio-Energetic Medicine, Dr. Vishnu draws on multiple healing modalities to assist in re-establishing balance in the patient, creating a non-toxic and curative form of therapeutic experience.

HIs therapeutic slogan is: "Ancient Wisdom--Modern Technology--Changing Lives".

HIs initial approach is to "rid the body of chronic inflammation, (related to an allergic reaction) which sets the stage for healing to earnestly begin."

The real key to true healing comes in the form of looking at the body "Bio-Electrically". By assessing the body based upon information stored in the acupuncture points, impediments can be found and corrected allowing for corrections to take place on a cellular (bio-electric) level, which then translates to tissue and organ correction and balance.

These wonderfully effective therapies always take into consideration, Mind, Body Soul and Spirit. The Physical, Bio-Chemical, Emotional and Psycho-Spiritual aspects of an individual must always be taken into consideration and corrected for person's best chance at health and wellbeing.
Primary Specialty


Gender Male
Services NAET--(Allergy Elimination)

Traditional Oriental Medicine--Acupuncture, Herbs and Oriental Manipulative Therapy (Tuina)

Classical Full-Body Acupuncture, (Tung System, 5-Element Therapy and 8-Extra Channel Therapy)
Micro-System Acupuncture of the Head, (Zhu Scalp Therapy)
Ear, (Auricular),
Hands, (Koryo Sooji Chim).

Classical and Complex Homeo-therapeutics
Homotoxicology and Bio-Energetic Testing (EAV and Meridian Stress Assessment)

Nutritional Counseling

Flower Essence Therapy (for unresolved emotional trauma)
Additional Services Allergy Elimination, Chronic Pain,
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