Discrimination in the KEEPS trial- Part 2 of 5

To recap from part 1: The KEEPS trial is one of two hormone
trials out of the Kronos Longevity Research Institute (KLRI) with the same
doctor designing and running both trials. One trial is for men and one is for
women, both for the same condition, low hormones. The trial for men uses pure,
bio-identical hormone and checks hormone levels periodically and adjusts the
dosage to maintain youthful, adult levels. In the women’s hormone trial there
is no dose adjustment. Some of the women received pure, bio-identical product
in a dosage so small adult levels could never be reached and the rest of the
women received pills made from horse excrement, which always results in
abnormal hormone levels. The horse excrement is collected from chained,
pregnant horses via bags strapped between their legs for months at a time,
obtained in the same way as nearly 100 years ago. Kronos Longevity Research
Institute claims to use state of the art technology.  It is clear that
state of the art technology is reserved for the men’s hormone trial only.

Let’s look at a few things and you’ll begin to understand
how deep the discrimination goes in the KEEPS trial.

Let’s start with what is the same in the men’s hormone trial and the women’s hormone trial:

1) Both hormone trials are treating the same illness, low hormones

2) Both hormone trials have the same goal, preventing or reducing the progression of arteriosclerosis (heart disease)

3) Both trials were designed by the same doctor, who has a strong background in hormone research

That’s straightforward. Same illness, same goals, designed by the same doctor who is an expert in the field of hormones

Now let’s look at what is different about these hormone

1)  Treatment for men includes modern hormone products and modern laboratory monitoring

2)  Treatment for women includes old technology with no laboratory monitoring

The same designer chose which technology to use, modern or old, based on the sex of the subject.

Another difference is in the purity of each drug:

1)  The treatment chosen for men fully restores youthful hormone levels and the drug contains no impurities

2)  Neither treatment chosen for women restores youthful hormone levels, and one of the drugs contains many, many impurities

Again, the same trial designer, an expert in the field of
hormones, chose to use either a pure treatment or an impure treatment based on the sex of the subject.

Lastly, the cost of each drug is different:

1)  Treatment for men costs about $250 per month and is a brand name, comfortable, bio-identical gel

2)  Treatment for women costs about $28 per month for an uncomfortable, generic, bio-identical patch, or $15 per month for pills (horse excrement)

Yet again, the trial designer chose the cost and comfort level based on the sex of the subject.

That shows bias. There is no medical reason to keep modern technology and pure drugs from women. The choice of drugs here is the very definition of discrimination. Unequal treatment for the same illness based solely on the sex of the subject.

Discrimination; plain and simple. Like I said before this
is only the tip of the iceberg. More in part 3.


4/17/2013 3:48:40 AM
Beth Rosenshein
Written by Beth Rosenshein
Beth Rosenshein is an electrical/bio-medical engineer and is very familiar with medical research. She holds two United States patents, one for a unique design of a vaginal speculum, and one for a clever urinary collection device specifically designed for women. Beth discovered and documented an important drug interaction...
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