Cellulaze - Many Benefits over Other Options

The problem of cellulite is something that is quite distressing for women, having an impact on their self esteem as well. Cellulite has always been treated with topical solutions and creams that could not provide lasting results. However, now Cynosure has introduced Cellulaze cellulite treatment, which is a very innovative technique that helps in effective reduction of cellulite. With this treatment, the cellulite problem is tackled at its roots and the structural issues that are present under the skin are addressed. Cellulaze cellulite treatment has been clinically proven to provide excellent aesthetic results. This laser cellulite treatment can definitely help in achieving a more youthful looking and firmer skin.

Cellulaze Offers Several Benefits over Other Methods

Treatment solutions for cellulite include creams, serums and pills. However, with these, the issue is not completely resolved because only the surface of the skin is treated. Even if some effect may be seen, it is temporary in nature and the lumpy skin will reappear after some time. Many women even go for liposuction in the hope of finding a lasting solution for cellulite. However, Cellulaze cellulite treatment is specially designed for dealing with the root cause of the problem. Typically, cellulite is seen on the thighs, hips and the abdomen. It is formed when fat deposits get trapped between thickened fibrous tissues. The fat deposits push up against the skin, and the fibrous septae pull down the skin. These result in the "cottage cheese" and pitted appearance respectively. Cellulite laser treatment is superior to other treatments because the following issues are addressed:

- The fibrous septae are cut and released
- The fat that is trapped is melted
- The dermis is thickened and tightened

Cellulite Laser Treatment Is Effective and Safe

Removal of cellulite with Cellulaze is effective and safe. Local anesthesia is used for performing the cellulite treatment. Tiny incisions would be made by the surgeon in the area of treatment for inserting the cannula. There is no risk of adverse reactions or pain because this treatment is a minimally invasive one.

Visible results are produced with a single treatment. Minimal time is taken for the recovery and one doesn't have to worry at all about health hazards such as infections or improper healing. Even the production of collagen is stimulated by this laser energy thereby leading to an improvement in the elasticity and texture of the skin.

To enjoy the full benefits of Cellulaze treatment, ensure that you go to a reliable, qualified and experienced plastic surgeon. Such a surgeon would provide treatment that is focused on achieving superior aesthetic results, ensuring your safety and comfort.
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Based in Manhattan, New York City (NYC), Park Avenue Cellulaze is a plastic surgery group primarily focused on providing effective Cellulaze cellulite reduction treatment for women. The latest approach to treat and reduce cellulite, Cellulaze has received FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approval. We make use of Cynosu...
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