Being Prepared For and Accepting A Healing Crisis

A healing crisis refers to the experience people sometimes have of feeling worse before they feel better when they are making changes to adopt a healthier lifestyle.

I personally made some big changes to my diet involving; completely abstaining from alcoholic beverages, sugar in general and removing animal proteins from my menu.

I did this right after a two week vacation, during which time I admittedly indulged in a "vacation" lifestyle.

I also took steps to detoxify my body, shortly after returning home.

I quickly came down with a very sore throat, which turned out to be a bacterial respiratory infection and within a week I had conjunctivitis and then a few days later oral thrush.

I had introduced so many toxins (on top of built up toxins) into my body and then asked them to leave rather quickly and all at once, that my immune system became overwhelmed and could not protect my body sufficiently to thwart the bacteria that was introduced.

While the healing crisis's that take place are to be taken in stride, it is a confirmation that natural health and healing does not take place over night and our bodies need to be given an appropriate amount of time to adjust to the significance of our choice changes.

We must remember that most toxicity, on a physical level, has been caused by years of inadequate or poor diet which has polluted the system. It can also be attributed to continual suppression of acute disease, through the overuse of over the counter medicine, antibiotics and other substances which build toxicity in the system.

Changes should be made slowly over a period of weeks. Introducing them in small steps to ultimately reach the desired goal.
9/2/2011 11:32:19 AM
Rachel Lynn
Written by Rachel Lynn
Reiki, Swedish Massage, Chair Massage, Reflexology, and alternative therapies; including Stress Reduction and Detoxification.
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