How to talk about sexual health problems, dealing with shame and where to get help

When a person has sexual problems it is usually associated with a sense of deep shame that an individual would been caring around for years. Having the strength to open up to a professional about this is one of the hardest things to do. Human Sexuality is not something that can be looked at in just a clinic way, there are so many aspects when it comes to helping another person that may experience problems with their sex life, sexual addiction, a fetish or just feeling shame around who they are. Many times the labels alone that a person may put on themselves are not even accurate and again it is a label and not always what the problem may be. Too often a person who has a sexual issue may try to open up, but get shut down by another person that is not able to understand what they are experiencing or cannot relate to what they have heard. This is why when a person does open up about a sexual problem it is very courageous to be willing to share that part of their lives with another person.

How does a person find the courage to talk about a sexual problem and where do they go for help?

The best method and probably the easiest way now a days for a person to get help for a sexual problem is through a live chat with a professional and that is because it is a way to open up and not be seen in person. This seems to be one of the fastest growing areas of counseling that have had a positive trend in the past decade. This enables a person to seek help for their problems, and still remain anonymous through live chat. The phone revolutionized this many years back with counseling so that it was not face to face, but even hearing another person's voice can still be intimating, where as chatting is less intimating. This is not to say that there are some risks involved as well as finding a good counselor is one. The other advantage is with live chat a person can do a short chat session to get the feel of the counselor, doctor, or therapist to know if that may be someone that they could work with or not.

When a person does have a sexual issue and wants to get help, one of the best ways to approach the issues is to get educated on it and ask the sex therapist questions, so that they understand what the issues may be and this makes it easier. Many times just getting the answers to a few questions can even help to normalize a sexual dilemma and make it possible to understand that it may not be a problem at all. Many people whose do label themselves with sexual problems can come to realize that they are not as uncommon as they may think and that by talking to someone about them it can help them to accept whatever difficulty they may be having. One of the biggest grey areas in sex therapy is a therapists own level of comfort with an individual and being able to help them to the best of their abilities. The client who seeks help many times may view their own sexual behavior as abnormal, but come to realize in speaking with a therapist that what they are feeling or thinking is "normal". This of course is the gray area and that is even in the word "normal". This is why there are so many different types of sexual disorders and issues that so many people have and that is trying to fit into a society where there ideas of sex is "normal".
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I am happy to hear that and thank you for the comment and the more that others can speak out the better, best of luck to you and I am here for counseling if you need further help. all the best, Dawn
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