Telephone scripts I have used in my chiropractic clinic for Chiropractors


My name is Susan. I am an assistant to Dr.Citirn in the Osage Beach, Missouri Stone Crest Mall.. I've been asked by the doctor to take a confidential doctor's survey concerning the physical health of a select group of people in the Lake of the Ozark area.
You will NOT be asked to send or spend any money. Your answers will be kept strictly confidential.
If you suffer from any of the four danger signals, that could mean you have a health problem. Then you are one of those people we need to help us.
Now for the questions, and please answer freely and clearly.
Question #1: Do you suffer from stiffness or pain in the neck area, back, shoulder blades, arms, legs, or joints?. Thank you.
Question #2: Do you have persistent numbness in your hands or feet? (Beep). Thank you.
Question #3: Are you nervous or tense? . Thank you.
Question #4: Do you have either persistent or reoccurring head-aches? (Beep). Thank you.
There are doctors of Chiropractic who are involved in the research and treatment of many disorders relating to the four danger symptoms which may mean pinched nerves. If you have answered "yes" to any of or all of these danger signals, then a participating doctor of chiropractic in your area will call you in order to set up a personal "stress test analysis" and complete the survey.
There is NO fee for this. It's our way of saying thanks to you for helping us in our research program.
If the doctor does feel that you may benefit from chiropractic care, you may make separate arrangements with him for a consultation. There will also be NO FEE for this consultation. And most insurance plans now pay for chiropractic care expense.
Let me assure you that there will be no pressure or obligation for you to do this, so please consult with the doctor and participate in our research program.
So that a doctor may call you, please give me your name. Now give me your telephone number where a doctor may reach you. (Beep).
Thank you for your cooperation. Goodbye now.

This is Susan, who works for Dr. Citrin, a chirorpactor in Osage Beach Missouri. I'm not selling anything, and I'm not buying anything. As a matter of fact, I'll GIVE you something free if you'll take the time to listen to me. We are doing some important research for a chiropractic clinic in your area. By the way, are you familiar with chiropractic health care methods? . Thank you.
Have you experienced backaches, headaches, or maybe you know of someone who has experienced headaches, or backaches? .
Many of those health-type problems might have been prevented by a simple spinal examination that takes only a few minutes in a chiropractor's office.
Dr. Citrin , a chiropractic doctor in your area is offering free, spinal examinations to determine if you can benefit from chiropractic health care.
In order to receive the free examination as I promised you, I need for you give me your address or email and it will be sent to your privately.
Thank you so much.
We certainly appreciate your help. A chiropractic clinic will be in touch with you soon.

Question #1: Have you suffered any injury to your neck or spine that causes you any discomfort?
Question #2: Do you suffer any physical discomfort such as headaches, or are you in any pain?
Question #3: Do you have medical health insurance coverage?
There are doctors of chiropractic who are involved in research concerning preventive health care. It would be helpful to these research programs if a doctor could telephone you in the next few days to ask you a few more questions.
There is no fee for this preventive health consultation. Let me repeat — there is no charge when the doctor telephones you. When the doctor calls you, you may be selected to participate in a medical research project which involves a new break-through in preventive health care called, Postural Test Analysis.
The science of PTA has proven to prevent, by early detection, disease and discomfort of various organs and other parts of the human body including the spine, muscle tissue and spinal nerves.
Whether you will be allowed to participate in this important project will be determined by how you answer a doctor's questions.
So that a doctor may call you, please give me your name. . Now give me your telephone number and when a doctor may reach you..
Thank you for your cooperation. Goodbye now.
I'm Connie, and I'm conducting a chiropractic health survey. I will be asking only four, brief questions. By the way, I'm speaking to you from Dr. Citrin's Chiropractic Office.
Have you, or any member of your family, ever been to a chiropractor?
Do you have a chiropractor you presently go to?
Does any member of your family suffer from back pain, headaches, allergies, or other orthopedic problems?
Do you know that most insurance companies can now recognize chiropractic care? . Thank you.
For your participation, for the next week only, we would like to offer you, or any member of your family, a free spinal examination normally worth fifty dollars. In order to provide you with your free gift, please give me your name, and spell your last name .
Your address and phone number.
Thank you.

Someone from our clinic will be contacting you again shortly.

Please excuse this brief interruption this evening, but I have a very important health message for you and your family. It will take only thirty seconds of your time.
If you, or someone in your family, suffers from chronic pains in the back area, in the neck, pains in muscles, bones, or nerves, or if you have experienced any sports-related injury, please leave your name and number at the tone for a free examination by our doctor. We will call you back for this free examination.
Please state your name and phone number . Thank you.

As a doctor it is important to notify the chiropractic patients in your community that chiropractic is a natural approach to health. This information is for about any health professional needing to educate the community where they live about the services they provide. It is simple,can reactivate former patients,and make corrections of the addresses, phone number changes,and the current health condition of the patient.

This has been brought the the wellness professionals as a courtesy
of Dr. Bruce Citrin Chiropractor and soon to do Acupuncture at the Lake of the Ozarks, any questions, I have owned and operated a Advertising Agency for Chiropractors and Dental practitioners, with campaigns from TV, radio, print mailers and search for drbruce on ebay to see some of the products i produce. hope this helps your practice and I dread the thought of a National Health Plan, look what it has done to Canada. Actually fair fees for services are much better than Government or Insurance Companies dictating what can and can not be done. Most doctors are going to cash plans with discounts for paying at the time of services. Also in Missouri, always advise your family friends and patients to purchase Med-Pay on their Automobile insurance, as it pays for Chiropractic Care with no deductible. Wal-Mart took away all chiropractic benefits by some small clause in the Missouri Insurance laws, which is terrible as they stand and work for little and if they get hurt on the job, they are replaced by another worker ant. Not picking on the giant, Walmart but they use outsourced companies over seas to at slave wages to bring products to USA. as well as China does as well.

My though,

Chiropractic First
Acupuncture Next
Auricular Therapy next
3000 years before Christ they did not have drug companies pushing medicines, although some are healthy, some kill by administrating wrong medicines, or wrong dosing.

Health Does not come in a bottle, nor surgery as I was on CBS Mutual Radio for 13 years with my Back talk radio show every Monday Morning and I have seen and heard it all on CBS Mutual Radio, KPMC.

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