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You may soon hear from the media that perhaps the Women's Health Initiative was judged too harshly, that HRT isn't so bad after all, and that it should be considered for menopausal women.

You were manipulated once into believing that HRT was used in the WHI. Don't be manipulated again.

"Rethinking" the WHI means opening up more sales for Premarin™.

Premarin™ is still bad for you. It creates extremely unnatural hormone levels and every woman taking it will suffer ill health. Every woman who takes it will not be able to reverse bone loss or maintain strong bones. Over time, Premarin™ actually weakens bones.

The Women's Health Initiative is a scientific tragedy of epic proportions. It misled thousands of women into thinking that they might be given replacement and have relief from the bleak and unhealthy existence of profound hypogonadism. The National Institutes of Health knew Premarin™ was not replacement for any hormone, would not restore sexual function, would not reverse osteoporosis, and would not keep bones strong because studies that had been done on Premarin™ over the 50 years before the WHI started never showed these benefits or any replacement of any kind.

Use this information to your advantage. If the stigma of using hormones is lifted don't run to what was used in the WHI because it isn't replacement and it isn't good for you. Take this opportunity to work with your doctor and use genuine hormone replacement. You'll have a sex life again and you won't ever have to take a bisphosphonate again. No more Fosamax, Boniva, or Actonel. You'll have the bone density of a young woman for the rest of your life.

Be smart and get healthy. Get the treatment that has been unfairly denied to you. Get safe and healthy treatment of profound hypogonadism and enjoy it. The Women's Health Initiative is a national disgrace and world-wide tragedy. If the stigma of treating profound hypogonadism is lifted at least some good should come of it.
6/15/2011 8:36:02 PM
Beth Rosenshein
Written by Beth Rosenshein
Beth Rosenshein is an electrical/bio-medical engineer and is very familiar with medical research. She holds two United States patents, one for a unique design of a vaginal speculum, and one for a clever urinary collection device specifically designed for women. Beth discovered and documented an important drug interaction...
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