Why is being gay front page news?

Anderson Cooper, I'm happy for you that you are comfortable and happy being gay. Frankly, I never thought about your sexuality. You are a good reporter and I enjoy your reporting. I find that you are good at getting the facts and weaving them together to make an informative story. Being gay is part of the human condition so the fact that you are gay does not need to be front page news.

Because of your position Anderson Cooper, you have the power to make something front page news. You can make your personal, private life front page news, or you can use your position to expose an issue that impacts millions of women across the country and around the world. What you should be making front page news is the unnecessary suffering that menopausal women, the ones they love, and their employers are forced to endure.

The reason they are forced to endure significant ill health is because the federal government, specifically the National Institutes of Health, allows clinical trials to vilify real HRT and intentionally confuse it with the non-HRT, particularly Premarin™, which is so unhealthy. It is this non-HRT, Premarin™, which has been used in nearly every clinical trial for the past 70 years and which has been proven over and over again to be unhealthy.

Anderson Cooper, you have the resources to find out why for the past 70 years the federal government referred to Premarin™ as HRT with absolutely no proof of replacement of any hormone, not from any drug studies or hormone testing, and now refers to Premarin™ as HT or hormone therapy. In 2007 all of a sudden Premarin™ was called HT instead of HRT. All of the websites were changed as were documents pertaining to the Women's Health Initiative. So women that were recruited up until 2007 were recruited with the promise of HRT but after 2007 the same drug was called HT with the 'R' for replacement dropped. Finally, there was acknowledgment that Premarin™ was never replacement and that it only makes abnormal hormone levels even worse. Taking out the 'R' acknowledges that thousands of women were recruited into the Women's Health Initiative as well as every other clinical trial that used Premarin™ were lured into the trials with a falsehood.

Premarin™ creates extremely abnormal hormone levels and that it is why it is so unhealthy. Premarin™ will increase estrogen levels many times higher than normal and reduce the levels of every androgen, progesterone, and dhea in the body to below menopausal levels. Not performing a single hormone test on the recruited women in the Women's Health Initiative and every other clinical trial is the perfect way to cover this up.

How different is Premarin™ from real HRT? Different enough that hormone levels are never measured when using Premarin™.

Anderson Cooper, look into how the Women's Health Initiative had a budget of over $600 million dollars and didn't schedule a single hormone test for any woman in a clinical trial purporting to use HRT! Do you think hormones levels weren't measured because there wasn't enough money to pay for them? Do you think the technology wasn't available to measure them? Why hide the hormone levels that were created by taking Premarin™? That one is easy, because the hormone levels would show the severely abnormal hormone levels that Premarin™ creates. What would motivate the NIH to be so irresponsible?

What should be front page news is you breaking the silence on one of the biggest scientific scams in United States history. Here are some of the headlines I'd like to see you talk about.

"Women have been misled for decades! Non-HRT intentionally confused with real HRT"

"Clinical trials advertised to contain HRT have never contained HRT! It makes sense why they don't work"

"Keeping women sick for profit, Real HRT never used"

"Osteoporosis could have been eradicated 50 years ago were it not for Premarin™ masquerading as HRT"

"Sex for a lifetime only if real HRT used"

"Fraud in hormone trials uncovered! Women's Health Initiative covered up lack of HRT with no hormone testing!"

Anderson Cooper, put yourself in a menopausal women's shoes. You have abnormally low levels of 4 important hormones and you feel horrible. You ask for treatment to bring these 4 important hormone levels back to normal. You are given a drug that instead of bringing your hormone levels back up to normal lowers your hormone levels even further! This drug, Premarin™, and the way the body metabolizes it makes 3 of your hormone levels go down below menopausal levels and one of your hormone levels many times higher than normal. You feel terrible on this drug and want to stop it. You say you want real HRT and you are told that you just had it. You are told that HRT is bad for you and not to take it. You ask for proof that you were given HRT but you can't get it because the FDA has never made the manufacturer of Premarin™ submit any data that proves replacement of any hormone and doesn't stop it from being called HRT. Further, hormone testing is never done in so-called HRT clinical trials.

Anderson Cooper, you have the resources to break one of the biggest violations of human rights right here in the US. That is front page news.

8/17/2012 2:00:26 PM
Beth Rosenshein
Written by Beth Rosenshein
Beth Rosenshein is an electrical/bio-medical engineer and is very familiar with medical research. She holds two United States patents, one for a unique design of a vaginal speculum, and one for a clever urinary collection device specifically designed for women. Beth discovered and documented an important drug interaction...
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