Meet Louise, a pioneer

I'd like to introduce you to Louise Sinclair because she is a pioneer. Louise has a clearer view of how to treat hypogonadism than most doctors, particularly those doctors who call themselves experts. Louise understands the health benefits of treating hypogonadism and understands how to treat it.

How is it possible for a woman without medical training to know more than the vast majority of doctors, even more than the majority of hormone specialists, about hypogonadism?

Louise understands so much because she listens to her body and doesn't let a doctor tell her that she is wrong. Louise knows when she feels healthy and doesn't let anyone tell her otherwise. She isn't influenced by politics or the idea that a woman must embrace and enjoy being castrated (menopause is the equivalent of castration).

Louise searched the internet and rejected the idea that untreated hypogonadism (menopause) needs to be embraced when treatment is readily available. During her search of the internet she found many websites that suggested one quack remedy after another. Then Louise found my website. She sat down, read it, digested it, and was thoroughly relieved to find that someone else also saw that untreated menopause need not be embraced.

She also can't understand why women accept the consequences of hypogonadism. Inevitably, when she talks to someone about it they are shocked. Most men don't understand until their wives change dramatically towards them and withdraw sexually. With menopause marriages are absolutely wrecked.

Her husband's parent's marriage was wrecked by menopause. Her mother's life was effectively destroyed by menopause even though she was offered Premarin, which was all that was available at the time. Louise has two aunts who had their lives destroyed because menopause caused osteoarthritis.Her grandmother married a man whose first wife killed herself because of menopause.

Louise's search for information started a few years ago when, at the age of 47, she started feeling out of sorts. She went to the National Health Service for help. Due to the nature of her visit she was referred to a young, female gynecologist who showed a complete lack of understanding of peri-menopause. Instead of recognizing peri-menopause as hypogonadism and supplementing Louise's lowered ovarian hormone levels she dismissed her symptoms as normal and suggested that she take vitamins to improve her libido and vaginal symptoms. How absurd and a failure of her medical school to educate her properly!

Instead of walking away and suffering irreparable harm to her health and married life, Louise had to find another doctor to treat her. Should it be an anti-aging doctor or an endocrinologist or a gyn?

She checked out menopause forums looking for which type of doctor would be best and was disappointed that women were prepared to accept a poor quality of life and not speak up about the poor quality of HRT that is usually given to them (Premarin-horse urine pills). Louise suggested that the women speak up about how this 'HRT' and anti-depressants didn't work and was thrown off the forum!

This was a turning point for her. She was beginning to see the forest for the trees.

She began to see that when women complained about the poor quality 'HRT' they were receiving they would then be prescribed anti-depressants. Did it all come down to money? Was it cheaper to pretend to treat hypogonadism than to actually treat it? When women are younger they are given birth control pills which work but older women are given HRT that doesn't. It is as if women are no longer of use and told to go away.

"I believe that society is telling us, you are no longer a sexual being, you are a neuter, at the age of menopause you abdicate your sexuality. We live in a society that if a woman seeks treatment of hypogonadism she is spitting in the face of social convention." Louise notes that it doesn't stop there, "J
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Beth Rosenshein
Written by Beth Rosenshein
Beth Rosenshein is an electrical/bio-medical engineer and is very familiar with medical research. She holds two United States patents, one for a unique design of a vaginal speculum, and one for a clever urinary collection device specifically designed for women. Beth discovered and documented an important drug interaction...
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I have complete admiration for Louise. I am a woman also living in England. I have been totally unable to find any help or the correct hormones to re balance my health and that is after I had a total hysterectomy with ovary and cervix removal at the age of 44. How on earth doctors can expect a young woman to lead a normal and fulfilling life without the necessary hormones is beyond me. Talk about castration!!!!!! that is exactly how i feel for sure!!! I have been told (by the many doctors who I went to, desperate for help) everything from - fake your orgasms, count to ten when you have menopausal symptoms, I will give you some Viagra, you could do with an anti depressant etc etc etc. the good news is I AM NOT PREPARED TO PUT UP WITH THIS ANY LONGER - YOU SHOULD ALL BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELVES. Come on ladies - we need to take our health in our own hands. I am going to start to do this from today. I would be very interested to hear how Louise got on. And Beth ........ Thank you so much for opening my eyes and thank you on behalf of all women for your research!
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