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Recently I had to switch to a new doctor b/c my old doctor sold his pratice; I'm glad he did! My new doctor, after only one visit, is twice as good as the previous one.

I didn't like my previous doctor too much. He seemed like a good enough doctor on the clinical side, but he was very lacking in bedside manner and in offering any insightful information on what else I could do to help my low thyroid condition.

My new doctor has an ultrasound machine in his office, which means he can look at my thyroid gland each time I am there. My previous doctor had to send me "out" to get ultrasounds, which meant he was only looking at my thyroid once a year. I highly recommend trying to select a doctor that has an ultrasound machine in his/her office -it's more convenient and better for your care.

My new doctor also offered me info on what supplements I could be taking that could help my thyroid gland, something my previous doctor never did. All he did was prescribe medication and ultrasounds, that's it. He didn't educate me one bit, I did that all on my own.

I can tell already that this new doctor is more open-minded, has more of a bedside manner, and cares more about each patient. I didn't feel rushed at all, felt more "taken care of," and feel that he is actually looking out for my wellness, not just prescribing meds based on a patient's blood labs.

For those of you that have thyroid conditions and wish to look into it further, he recommended taking 200mcg of Selenium and CoQ-10 (recommended dosage on bottle) supplements.
11/5/2007 3:16:08 PM
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The thyroid affects every cell in your body, it regulates your hormones and is a vital part of your metabolism. Many millions of Americans have a low thyroid condition and don't even know it. Symptoms can be weight gain, fatigue, hair falling out more than usual, depression. This condition affects women more than it does men; women can have trouble conceiving if they have an untreated low thyroid condition. You know you have a low thyroid condition if you get specific blood tests done. Those supplements can help as follows: Selenium may increase thyroid hormone metabolism. CoQ-10 helps the heart pump more effectively and it is known that women with low thyroid conditions are deficient in levels of CoQ-10.
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What happens if you don't treat a thyroid issue? How do you know you have one? What does treating it with these supplements do?
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