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We have 9 grandchildren, so it's a real challenge to stay healthy when we love to squeeze, kiss and hug our darlings. Our most recent test came from Thyfoid Mary, otherwise known as 7 month old Ben. Ben goes to the hoosegow (daycare) when he's not with us, and if that doesn't give him all the germs he needs, his Mom is a kindergarten teacher. Yup, that baby is a cold waiting to happen. Anyway, it finally happened. He's been amazingly healthy for 7 months and then wammo, two weeks ago he got a doozy of a cold.

He coughed, we kissed him, he sneezed, we kissed him. We felt like time bombs. My husband David was the first to fall, but fortunately, we were ready. We armed ourselves with Zicam, (no, I'm not selling it, it's found in any drugstore or any market). and at the first hint that all was not well, he started using the nasal gel....every 3-4 hours....around the clock. He held it in check, had one troublesome night and then it was over!! Hooray!

I, of course figured that the jig was up for me too, so I didn't even wait for full on symptoms. My eyes felt a little scratchy and that was good enough for me to go on the same program. I never got it. Hooray!

We've been using Zicam for years, which is why we were ready for anything Ben could throw at us. The trick to it's success is not to be a macho man when it comes to getting started. If you start to imagine you feel something....itchy eyes, a bit of a sore throat, achy teeth, sinus headache...whatever, don't take the attitude...."oh, it will go away." If you wait and it takes hold before it goes away, you're in for it. Hey, I'm about the most stubborn person I know and even at 60, I think I'm invincible. I've taken food supplements, fed my family fresh fruits and vegetables, all the good stuff, all my life, so to admit that I may be coming down with a bug is not easy for me to do.

Zicam changed the way I look at kids and colds. I'm not afraid. I'm also not crazy, I wash my hands (a lot), I don't rub my eyes, I take my minerals and vitamins, I drink water and try to get enough sleep, but I squeeze and kiss and know that I have an additional sharp shooter in my arsenal, called Zicam.

I'd like to hear from others that have had similar experiences, and from those who have found a different way to ward off the plague. J
10/6/2007 1:23:19 PM
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I've used the Zicam nasal gel and it has worked wonders for me. A friend of mine in Arizona recommended it to me years ago and it hasn't let me down. Chinese green tea and hot yellow mustard are my other secrets for beating the cold.
Posted by Mary
There are several cold products on the grocery store shelves now with similar ingredients "Zinc gluconate glycine" which have been clinically proven to "reduce the duration and severity of the common cold." I have tried them all actually. They work for me. Just have to use them. My favorites are the Cold-eeze lozenges and Zicam's "oral mist", not the nasal spray. Many of my friends & family got a bad cold recently that made its way through us. I did catch it, but I also got through it easily with very mild symptoms compared to the people around me which didn't hit the zinc. Anyone else have good (or better) results with these or any others?
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