Pride in Workmanship

by CET
When was the last time you saw someone really take pride in the work they do, enough to do it as well as possible? As I think upon my experiences in the last few years, I honestly can't remember the last time I saw someone who really took the time to do their craft well.

My house has had several things done to it lately. Roof repair, remodeled kitchen, new floor installation in a few rooms, as well as a few other minor things. All of those jobs had "sloppy" written all over them. I had to follow up with all of those jobs and inspect them myself. The roofing job was done so badly, that I had the company manager come in and look at it. He apologized profusely and had the job redone at no cost to us. That's great, and I'm glad he made it right. But why was it sloppy in the first place?

The kitchen? None of the molding fits. There's gaps all over the place. None of the stone counter tops are cut right. Again, there are gaps all over the place. There's bits of dried glue here and there. There's gaps between the tile floor and the wall, even after the molding went in.

It seems like every time I get a burger, half of the condoments are all one one side, while the cheese is sliding off the other side, and half way falling out of the bun.

So help me, if I ever find a craftsman who takes pride in his work, I'm going to hire him, have him do ALL of my house projects, and tell everyone I know to use him as well. It just makes me crazy every time I see poor work done. Where's the pride in craftsmanship, or even just the pride in a job well done?

Hey America: If you're going to do something, take a few seconds and DO IT WELL! Your customers will notice, and they will appreciate it!
10/2/2007 12:03:43 PM

Thanks for the idea Janet. I wish I had a recommendation to add to that list. You'd think after all the work that has been done to my house that I could recommend someone, even just one person, but I really couldn't. The best work done so far was by a handy man who was very affordable, fast, clean, and courteous, but his work was sloppy. :-/
Posted by CET
Great comments CET. Thanks! We've all experienced the good and the bad. If you live in San Diego, CA area and are willing, I know that I and other 'community friends' would love to share knowledge of contractors who do a good job. I really don't want to hear about the bad ones...just the uncommonly good ones. I'll start. If you want your windows washed (in and out), all screens cleaned and not bent nor broken, all windows closed and locked securely, by a clean cut, polite, professional guy who doesn't overcharge, and leaves no mess or surprises, call Heath Bernstein at Puretec Window Cleaning 760 809-2753. Any others out there?
Posted by Janet
CET - This is a point we should not take lightly. And, it is not just America. We're seeing poor quality workmanship and attitudes of indifference all over. I've even seen it in my own company and sometimes in my own children. There is a time for compasion and understanding. That time is not now. It is time to hold each other, our companies our products and our children to higher standards of quality and attention to detail. If not us, who?
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