5 Ways to Wellness for The Too-busy Entrepreneur

How do I take care of my own wellness while I’m literally managing what feels like everything else? As an entrepreneur, partner, parent, and human being living in the 21st century, this seems like a perpetual equation that is nearly impossible to solve for.

As opposed to the linear strategy and rigid discipline that had brought me so much success elsewhere, I found my answer in what I now lovingly refer to as my two new favorite f-words: fluidity and flexibility. I wanted to take care of myself as well as what was needed for my business, my family, my friends, and my community, but I was stuck in a continual diligent and seemingly fruitless search for the perfect daily routine.

What was the perfect combination of alarm clock timing, morning journal prompts, at-home yoga sessions, all-day food prepping on the weekend, 99 questions to ask your partner to promote a loving relationship, and taking care of those toilet bowls that don’t clean themselves so life could be a bit easier?

Instead, embracing a more fluid and flexible approach helped me discover these 5 ways to wellness as a too-busy entrepreneur.

  1. Think weekly instead of daily. Setting daily micro goals for wellness gets overwhelming fast with constant decisions about doing those things or attending to the fires that burst into flames throughout the day. Look at the week ahead and identify higher-level desires you’d like to accomplish at some point. Journaling three times throughout the week. Meditating twice. Exercising four times. Cooking dinner at home five times. This provides the flexibility to incorporate these as they fit into what happens during the week rather than feeling like a failure daily. 
  2. Pre-articulate decision points for what would support deviating from planned wellness activities. When I identify in advance the circumstances where I would and wouldn’t feel comfortable bypassing a wellness practice, it creates ease, clarity, and efficiency. If the kid is sick, my partner is stressed or worried beyond their normal level, or a friend in need calls for help, those are all circumstances where I may consider renegotiating time I had planned for wellness activities. If I’m tired, stressed, or feeling pressured, this is a quick way evaluate the consideration points before giving up my wellness practices. 
  3. Try setting maximums instead of minimums. You’re probably an overachiever, but when it comes to integrating wellness, this isn’t always helpful. Instead of saying, “I’ll meditate for at least 10 minutes,” try, “I’ll meditate for no more than 10 minutes.” This alleviates the pressure of going above and beyond and creates a condition where you’re more likely to actually fulfill your commitment.
  4.  Give wellness the value it deserves. Look, I would guess if this article was attractive to you, it’s not because you’re suffering from executing well in other places. It’s probably the opposite, and that’s what makes the pressure meter rise when it comes to personal wellness. We tend to value it as less-worthy than other pursuits without understanding how it directly impacts our performance elsewhere. Valuing wellness highly will help you evaluate it appropriately when considering where to invest your time. 
  5. Lower your standards. No need to overperform when it comes to wellness. There are no performance reviews or A+ grades to be given for execution, duration, or intensity of what you’re doing. You don’t get more points the more minutes you meditate. Focus first on integrating wellness practices consistently and finding out what is most supportive for you. You can up your own ante later. The journey of entrepreneurship is challenging on so many levels, and you are integral to your own success! Don’t let your personal wellness be the thing that keeps you from your dreams. 

Nicole Lance is living her boldest, most fiercely free life and loves helping her clients do the same. Leaving a 13-year career to launch her business with a newborn still at home, she now speaks and facilitates across North America. When she’s not writing or working with clients, Nicole is busy trying not to step on the Lego bricks her daughter leaves hidden in the carpet. Learn more at www.nicolelance.co. 


3/16/2024 4:00:00 AM
Nicole Lance
Written by Nicole Lance

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