The Many Uses of Botox

Botox or botulinum toxin type A is a powerful neuromodulator that works by temporarily blocking some of the “contract” signals sent from the brain to muscles. This can be used to relax overactive muscles that cause wrinkles, muscle spasms, reduce the strength of muscles, lift brows, or reduce pain signals that make migraines so awful.

The most popular use of Botox injections today is cosmetic, in which it is used by cosmetic physicians to reduce facial wrinkles and fine lines by eliminating excessive movement. Even though it has grown in popularity, owing to celebrities embracing it for this cosmetic purpose, Botox has been in use for decades and there are many other benefits a lot of people aren't aware of.

Cervical dystonia

Cervical dystonia is a severe spasm which happens in your neck muscles. Botox has been successful in helping patients deal with the pain and regaining mobility. It is, similarly, helpful in cases of muscle spasms in the upper body such as the elbow, wrist, and fingers or the lower limbs like the toes or ankles.

Nerve disorders

Botox has been helpful in cases of nerve disorders like multiple sclerosis and spinal cord injuries. It also treats eye muscle disorders caused by nerve damage. This includes several eye conditions like spasms in the eyelids or uncontrollable blinking or when both the eyes point in different directions.


Hyperhidrosis is when you sweat excessively in the underarms and possibly other areas. This can be both physically and emotionally uncomfortable, making it frustrating to manage. Botox injectable can control excessive sweating when strategically injected into the armpits to limit the overproduction of perspiration.

Headaches and migraine

There is a difference between headaches and migraines. Having a headache more than 1 day in a month with each episode lasting for more than 4 hours is considered “chronic” migraine. These Botox injections for migraines help to reduce the pain signals from nerves in the brain.

There is some anecdotal evidence that tension-related headaches can be improved by injecting the forehead and jaw muscles that we clench or furrow in times of high stress. This is also an acceptable treatment for TMJ or clenching and grinding the jaw.

Gummy smile

A gummy smile is when too much of the gum is visible when you smile. This could be due to the fact that the upper lip is elevated more than normal in some people. After the Botox injections, the upper lip retracts so it does not rise too much over the teeth so that you enjoy a normal smile.

Cosmetic uses – eyes, brows and forehead

Muscle movement and facial expressions lead to dynamic wrinkles on the face and these are most prominent in the area around the eyes and forehead. Laughs, frowns and smiling cause permanent wrinkles causing brows. Over time, forehead wrinkles cause deep and permanent creases in the skin. These are more prominent in men and make anybody look older than their years. Botox weakens the muscle which causes squinting and crinkling. It is effective on moderate to severe frown lines leading to smooth skin and a rejuvenated appearance.

A reduction in the deep and stubborn furrows between the brows is widely documented especially in the case of men. The remarkable results will be seen in a few days and these usually last for more than 4 months.

Most people think that every wrinkle must be treated during their treatment; however, it is just one muscle which leads to wrinkles. An experienced doctor who also has an artistic eye to ensure subtle results knows that just the muscle behind the wrinkles needs to be rendered temporarily inactive. With frequent touch ups, you will be able to maintain your fabulous results. However, over-injecting Botox can lead to muscle atrophy, so you need to ensure that you consult only an experienced physician for your treatment.

What are the advantages of Botox?

Botox is not extremely expensive and yet it’s a very effective treatment. Here are some of the advantages of this injectable:

  • It is a non-surgical procedure for wrinkles and lines – you get a flawless complexion without having to go under the knife or take time off from work.
  • It lifts the brow – it lifts the drooping brow and your face does not look tired or stressed anymore, restoring your youthful appearance.
  • It is speedy – your results will begin to take effect in just a few days after the treatment and the maximum changes will be seen in one week. Since it does not interfere with your normal schedule, patients choose it over other treatments.
  • Fewer side effects – every cosmetic procedure has its own side effects and so does Botox. A majority of these side effects are just temporary and usually, they do not last for long.
  • Different uses – Botox can be used in various cosmetic and medical treatments and this versatility makes it invaluable in many industries.

Keep in mind before choosing Botox

Despite its many advantages, the following should be kept in mind when choosing Botox:

  • Whether you have had another injectable or a taken a blood thinner in the near past.
  • You should also avoid heavy drinking for 24 hours before and after treatment to avoid bruising.
  • If you have used Botox or another injectable like Dysport or Xeomin in the last 2-3 months.
  • If you are planning or have had a facial surgery.
  • If you suffer from facial muscle weakness, asthma, bleeding problems or heart diseases.

Always choose an experienced injector, since your results will last at least 3 months.


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Mitchell Chasin MD
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