The Flu—What the Mainstream Media Isn’t Telling You


Every year thousands of people are either intimidated or “sold” into believing that they absolutely must get a flu shot.  This is especially true for the elderly, the immune-suppressed, pregnant women, people already sick, and people that work with the public.  

If the powers that be (Big Pharma, the AMA, the CDC, etc.) were being entirely forthcoming, honest and comprehensive about the information that they impart regarding flu shots, there wouldn’t be any need for this type of impromptu exposé.  

The problem is, though, that not only are people being told half-truths about the flu vaccine, but some important facts are being left out (or blatant lies are being told) that the public should know. 

In a nutshell, the flu vaccine is chock full of problems, deficiencies and shortcomings.  And this is, unfortunately, only the tip of the iceberg in terms of what you need to know and aren’t being told by those that “sell” this at-best-experimental product to the ignorant (in the eyes of Big Pharma) and preyed-upon masses.

What's Wrong With Influenza (Flu) Shots? 

--First of all, we should be told that getting a flu shot is just one big, low-odds-of-winning “gamble.”  

Every year the CDC tries to “guess” which of the dozens of strains of influenza viruses will pose the biggest threat to Americans and, ultimately, to the world in general (since an outbreak here will probably reach other countries within days).  The CDC, in conjunction with Big Pharma, then go about developing vaccines for those most-likely-to-pose-a-threat flu virus strains. 

The problem is, though, that there is no way to know with complete certainty which of the dozens of strains known (and the possible hundreds not yet identified) will play the most dangerous, prominent role in that one year.  

The flu vaccine that you get, as a matter of fact, will only work against the strain that was predicted to possibly become a problem; it could be useless if that particular strain undergoes mutation (which can happen at any time) and for sure of no use against any of the other strains the CDC didn’t think would be a problem. 

At the very least, people should be told the complete and not-sugar-coated facts so that they can for themselves decide if they want to take this sort of rather overly-optimistic gamble.  

If the flu shot were without significant risk, then we might just say that such a “gamble” should maybe be chalked up to “life” but, alas, make up your own mind, as you read on, whether the following risks are worth the “gamble." 

--Flu vaccines can contain a number of potentially harmful ingredients, including the very neurotoxic thimerosal or mercury. 

One of the side-effects or reactions of thimerosal is that it has been shown in studies to increase chances for fetal death due to miscarriage and stillbirths.  Notwithstanding the risks to newborns, what about the long-term harm that has been attributed to mercury regarding developing children.  

The jury is still out, for example, regarding whether mercury plays a role in the now-out-of-control autism epidemic. 

--When we get a flu vaccine, our legal options in getting compensation for harm we may suffer because of the vaccine are very limited.

Simply put, you won’t easily be able to sue a vaccine manufacturer, even if you can acquire substantial evidence that the flu vaccine, as they say in My Fair Lady, “did you in.” 

You can thank laws like the 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act and the very powerful lobby that Big Pharma employs (which, of course, includes many for-sale mainstream media outlets) in order to keep you ignorant and hankering for something that, to put it bluntly, is at best one big gamble and, at worst, potentially deadly. 

--The flu vaccine may be connected to cases of narcolepsy, especially in reference to children that received Pandemrix or other H1N1 flu vaccines; this has been suggested by 2 major studies in Finland, though other studies can also be cited.

--Nasal spray flu vaccines can make some people shed the flu virus, thus potentially infecting other unsuspecting victims that come near those persons soon after they got the treatment.

--Many people that get the flu shot often go on to develop the flu.

The medical community usually comes out claiming that when this happens it’s because the person acquired another strain of the virus or they were already on the verge of getting sick when they got the shot.  While these things are possible explanations, they can’t explain away all the instances of people succumbing to the flu soon after getting a flu shot.   


Actually, this is only a short list of the many deficiencies and shortcomings of the flu vaccine.  What you need to remember is that most doctors are conflicted—if they don’t push the vaccine, the AMA, the CDC and Big Pharma will come down hard on them; on the other hand, if they push the shot, then their patients will be exposed to risks that may outweigh the "at-best-a-gamble benefits.  

A doctor’s job is to make you feel better, treat your medical problems and, if possible, cure your ailments.  It’s not their job to play Russian roulette with your health.  For your part, these are probably the best ways to guard against the flu:

  • good hygiene,
  • eating a healthy diet,
  • protecting yourself at all times (such as by wearing a mask and/or gloves) in case you run into sick people,
  • avoiding places where you might pick up a “bug,”
  • and keeping your immune system running at peak capacity.

Of course, consult your doctor but, if convenient, consider starting the conversation by looking at your doctor as if he/she were a “bookie” (for, indeed, that’s what Big Pharma and the health insurance companies seem to think of doctors these days) with: 

“What kind of odds are you giving the flu shot this year, Doc? Have I told you, by the way, that I’m not interested in being a guinea pig for Big Pharma?” 

Certainly people should do their own research when deciding what's best for them and their family. This has always been a controversial topic. 

“Here’s to your health and wellness!” 


10/28/2018 7:00:00 AM
Fred Fletcher
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Every doctor I've ever worked for had "quotas" or what they euphemistically called "goals" that were imposed by the pharmaceutical companies and the health insurance crowd. Doctors get in trouble if any of their older patients don't get the "recommended" colonoscopies and mammograms and if any children don't get the mandated vaccines. Doctors are not in charge. They follow a script. Conform. Some doctors fight the system but it doesn't go well for those that dare. I'm sorry if I'm being shattering some people's bubble of self-imposed unreality.
Posted by Susan Blakely
Fred, another great article! Contrary to what the media puts out not every doctor pushes flu vaccines ad infinitum. The more responsible physicians use them sparingly, when the right medical criteria is applicable. And one more thing, my friends, don't listen to "walking with blinders on" people like Carol Dreiling. Whatever her agenda is it isn't the welfare of the many people that every year sustain serious injury from experimental & highly profitable medical treatments.
Posted by Dr. Dario Herrera
I believe in vaccinations and do do appreciate this type of article. Please unsubscribe me from your email list
Posted by Carol Dreiling

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