Want More Veggies in Your Diet? Try Adding Them at Breakfast!

Having trouble finding ways to incorporate more green (and red, yellow, orange and purple) into your day? Try eating vegetables for breakfast! A nutrient-dense selection of vegetables can be a great way to kick-start your day.

Need some inspiration? My newest publication, 100 Best Foods for Health and Longevity details the amazing benefits of some of the earth’s most nutritious foods and includes 25 easy recipes to get you started on your way to eating better. But why wait to begin? Here are some suggestions that will have you seeing the first meal of the day in a whole new light:

Make salad the main dish at breakfast. Green smoothies aren’t the only option when looking to ramp up the amount of veggies in your diet. Try one of my favorite breakfasts, utilizing a tasty combination of antioxidant-rich berries, the fiber-rich crunch of apples and the anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer protection of fennel (chopped with Boston lettuce)– perhaps a vegetable that’s not frequently in your rotation and the combination of that slight licorice taste, with apple is perfect. If salad doesn’t feel like a breakfast food to you, this sweet and tangy Banana Walnut Dressing might help usher the idea of salad into more of a morning meal.

Need something portable? Make wraps by spreading some nut or seed butter on a lettuce leaf and adding some sliced fruit. Fold and go. It is easy, kid-friendly and always a hit. This type of wrap is so simple, even young children can prepare it. Or put some spice in your day with a filling and colorful veggie breakfast burrito, made with onions, mushrooms, and peppers suited in vegetable broth and wrapped in a whole grain tortilla and topped with a no-salt-added salsa. It is a tasty alternative to a drive-thru breakfast. Wrap one in foil and you have breakfast in-hand, not to mention the “O” and “M” in G-BOMBS!

Try leftovers for breakfast. Who says breakfast has to mean oatmeal?  You can also serving up some of last night’s dinner for a quick, easy, no-fuss breakfast. Your leftover soup can be just as comforting as it was last night (not to mention that soups and stews taste better when their flavors have a chance to meld).

Use butternut squash to liven up your morning meal. If you’re  looking for something new and you’ve never tried butternut squash in the morning, then your whole idea of breakfast is about to change. This rich, comforting vegetable is perfect for mornings, alongside warm fruit and spices. My Butternut Blueberry Breakfast with mashed apples, cinnamon and nutmeg is both flavorful and filling, but also  adds a hefty dose of carotenoids from the squash and flavonoid-rich blueberries for an extra high-nutrient start to the day. It is simple, warm, and a nice change from the standard breakfast fare.

Have extra time and desire a more traditional breakfast? Sometimes breakfast doesn’t have to be rushed and these recipes are made for lazy days and Sunday morning brunches:

My eggless Chickpea Omelet is both delicious and healthful, stuffed with lots of mushrooms, onions and kale. It offers a unique take on your standard omelet.

Beet and sweet potato cakes are another high-nutrient spin on weekend brunch.  The nutritional profile is upped by switching out white potatoes for lower glycemic and beta-carotene-rich sweet potato and beets, another vegetable underrepresented at the breakfast table and rich in betalains, which give them their red color. Need even more suggestions? Our member center offers more than 1,600 unique recipes featuring nutrient-dense foods.

What’s your typical morning meal? Share your ideas in Comments.

10/7/2018 4:00:00 AM
Joel Fuhrman, M.D.
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