Streamlined Wellness: Stop The Excuses

"Yeah But-ing" is the practice of falsely negotiating with yourself about how you are feeling… believing that ill feelings are normal. Perhaps part modern invention and part human nature, you make it harder than need be to feel good.  One might think genetics are a life sentence or just because everybody else has it [Yeah But] (digestive troubles, stress, insomnia, or something else) you accept it for yourself. 

3 tips to treat yourself to wellness:

  1. Let go of what isn’t serving you. Whether it is an unproductive habit like getting cheap chemically laden pizza on Friday night or wolfing down your food standing up, or something else, stop hurting yourself. As with these examples: Even though it is Friday night, there are many easy, healthful and satisfying choices.  Sitting down and chewing your food is a priority.
  2. Let food fuel you. You won’t need unreal snack food when you choose food, drink and lifestyle that nourish you.  Lose expensive and sugary coffee or energy drinks, and supplements that you really don’t know if they benefit you or their quality isn’t assured. You deserve to treat yourself with food that serves your wellness and satisfies you for real.
  3. Lose perfect. Everybody is perfect as they truly are. Find your beautiful truth by slowing to your own breath for 10 minutes each day. Pay attention to how your body feels with your choices of food and drink. Heed the messages your body is giving you. Its intelligence will guide you to your beautiful truth.

Wellness is about what you let go of rather than taking on more. Streamline your inputs of food, drink, lifestyle and stress management. Check in with yourself at a soul level. Your heart knows the way. You deserve to feel vibrant and at peace with your wellness plan. You are designed for wellness.

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6/1/2018 7:00:00 AM
Tam John
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Tam John knows feelings determine healthful choices. Food, drink, the choices you make and how you fend off stress all play together and create how well you perpetually rejuvenate yourself. Tam’s approach guides you to sort out your feelings with enlightened guidance personally aligned for your unique being. To learn mo...
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