Be Stress-Free Forever In 3 Simple Steps

To be stress-free forever is completely doable. We all want to be stress-free, living a life that we love while expressing love toward others, right? So, let’s examine this. Before we look at the three simple steps to have a stress-free life, let’s look at where some of the stress comes from in your life. The world blames a large percentage of stress on the lack of financial freedom. Statistics show that seventy-two percent of American adults eighteen and older stress about money.

That stress often leads to behavior that is relentlessly unconscious. Before you know it, you are lashing out at your children, your spouse or partner, your colleagues, and your closest friends. While others are so stressed that they become subject to road rage, and even violence. According to the American Psychological Association, financial stress can also have consequences that lead to a greater likelihood to overeat, smoke, and drink alcohol.

It goes much deeper than this, however. Stress and its relationship with financial pressures is a trigger, but not the culprit. When someone is unhappy and has lost their ability to love, it doesn’t matter if they are rich or poor. Until they find the love of self, they can never really be happy. That said, the first step is to love yourself.

1. Love Yourself

Fear is the opposite of love. If you are living in fear, then you cannot feel love. And when you are not experiencing love, you are denying yourself of your birthright. Claim your birthright to live a life with love. Instead of living in fear, turn a new leaf. Begin each day with gratitude, grace, dignity, and love for yourself.

When we are grateful for our breath in each waking moment, the things in life that are absolute become crystal clear. There is a beauty that overcomes us as we begin our day, and a sense of self-worth is realized. To love yourself, no matter what is to have true success.

2. Change Your Focus

Stop thinking, and change your focus on what you are feeling. You can only feel what is at this moment. You cannot feel something that has come and gone. That said, don’t dwell behind you.  Dwelling on something that has already happened is buying into what the thinking mind, which is always the ego, is telling you.

Focusing too much on the future can be a sure recipe for fear. You must feel from this instant in order to release the stress at this moment. If you always focus on what is wrong, or that which does not express love, you will never emerge from it. Additionally, if you are always focused on something that you are afraid of not achieving then you are living in fear and believing an illusion in the mind. How can you fear something that doesn’t exist and hasn’t really happened? Be in this moment with clear vision. Trust and know that all is okay.

3. Make the Choice

Situations may not always turn perfect, but the choice to have peace in situations is always there. And if you have peace in a situation, then it truly is perfect.

We all experience situations that seem as if we will never survive it. But just like the waves of an ocean, as one ends a new one begins. Situations come and go. Even each moment will come and go, but that is the magnificence of it. You are not trapped in it. See each present moment as a new awakening where you can always make the choice for peace, no matter what the situation. 

Linking presence with the external world is powerful. When we come to a point in life where we can connect both, there is an opportunity for wisdom to enter and peaceful choices to be made. When you can see life beneath all of the layers of the external world, then you will know what actions to take that will bring peaceful outcomes because they are coming from a highly acute state of awareness that tells you all will be okay.

Take mindful actions to choose your experience. You have the magic within to choose whatever creation you wish to experience. Why not choose a happy one, and live a stress-free life forever? Your choice is one of the gateways to triumph in your life. 

No matter what, love yourself and shine it on others. It is why we are here.

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Lily Sanders
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When I read the sentence in your article about turning over the leaf, I was instantly reminded of a poem I wrote while in college. I’ll share it here; if it is useful in any way to this discussion, let me know.

A Leaf by Jared De Santis:

My soul is a leaf watching you lay in the sun.

If my shadow falls upon you, let me follow.

For I cannot bear to see it have all the fun,

While I wait for my own fall in seasons sorrow.

If I were luck and had one wish,

A breeze would free me from my branch and guide me to your wrist,

There you can keep me under your watch

Where time can not separate us

And I would never want to be
Posted by Jared De Santis
Very insightful and true Lily. Turning the leaf is the equivalent of tuning out fear and focusing on the moment, the choice of living in the moment with a sense of self worth, dignity and love is the challenge which requires focus. Akin to meditation, recognition of what is happening and what we are feeling then letting it pass through us is awareness of sense if I’m not mistaken. Breathing and being aware of how we are feeling. Good article Lily!
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