See the Good in Everything: 8 Ways to Train Your Mind to Be Positive

We often get bogged down by constant negative emotions and there’s a reason for that. Our brain finds it easier to remember the bad events or happenings as opposed to the good ones, thanks to ‘Negativity Bias.

Although we can’t change the way our brain functions, we surely can find ways to make it overlook the negative and focus on the positive. While there’s a lot that can be done, here are some of the best pointers that will help you train your brain to be positive, one day at a time:

1. Get Rid of Negative Thoughts

The first step towards achieving positivity is to get rid of negative thoughts. Take a step back, stop thinking anything at all and proceed to channelize your thoughts towards something positive as soon as you find yourself thinking negatively. This is not easy and takes a lot of practice. But once you know how to restrain the flow of negative thoughts and steer them in a positive direction, there will be no looking back.

2. Try the Affirmation Tree Mind Map

The Affirmation Tree Mind Map by Paul Foreman is based on a book called Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway by Susan Jeffers. Draw this mind map on a piece of paper, in your diary or on a whiteboard/chalkboard, and you’ll be able to see things more clearly than before. This little trick can prove to be immensely helpful in making the transition from negative to positive thinking.

3. Laugh More Often

– We’ve all grown up listening to the adage ‘laughter is the best medicine.’ But somewhere down the lane, we forget to smile, let alone laugh our guts out! It is time to bring laughter back in your life to improve your emotional wellbeing, maintain healthy relationships and add to your overall health.

4. Use Your Talent

Everyone is born talented, albeit in different fields. While some possess the gift of music, others are artistically-inclined. All you need to do is find your calling, use your passion and create something new every day. This is because by spending time on creative pursuits, you can easily weed negativity out of your system. Choose any of your long-lost hobbies and focus on it. For instance, you can construct a model, embroider some cushions, try your hand at pottery, draw or paint, make candles, rearrange the bookshelf, or grow some plants in your backyard.

5. Make To-Do Lists

One of the best ways to curb the chaos in your mind is by creating to-do lists. It takes the stress out of your life and helps you focus on the present, one thing at a time. When you check items off your list, you will feel a sense of accomplishment. Needless to say, this is instrumental in keeping negativity at bay.

6. Surround Yourself with Positive People

The rule of the thumb to get your mind to think positive is to surround yourself with positive people whether you’re at work, home or anywhere else for that matter. Associate with optimistic folks who are cheerful, provide feedback, sound genuine without a trace of sarcasm in their tone, and use less negative words to communicate as they are the ones who are more likely to uplift your spirit. The more you stay away from negative or toxic people, the more your brain will be conditioned to think positively.

7. Read and Reread Positive Quotes

Another amazing way to incorporate positivity in your life is to ensure that you read positive quotes on a daily basis. Start by using Post-it notes to write your favorite positive quotes or use them as a wallpaper around your mobile or desktop screens where you can read and reread them regularly. You can also get them printed on various objects such as your coffee mug, t-shirt, and tote bags.

8. Create a Vision Board

Vision Boards’ or ‘Dream Boards’ are extremely inspiring and serve as a projection of your future. They can contain anything that motivates you such as your goals, the kind of life you want to live five years from now, a dream house, bucket lists, motivational quotes, to-do lists, mind maps, and so on. You can use a mix of photographs, construction paper, printouts, magazine cutouts, postcards, letters, handwritten notes, and anything under the sun to create and put your ideas on the board. With this board in place, your brain will not only receive positive vibes, but also work subconsciously towards achieving the set goals.

If you don’t have any idea how to get started, take a look at some amazing vision board examples on Pinterest or on the internet.

No One is Born Perfect
These are some of the best tips, which will help you embrace positivity in your life. This may take more time than usual for some, but remember that it is okay to ‘fall down seven times and stand up eighth!’ In a nutshell, keep learning from your mistakes and one day, you’ll surely get there.


7/24/2017 4:00:00 AM
Brian Zeng
Written by Brian Zeng
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