How To Get Naturally Glowing Skin - 8 Easy Tips

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Consumers are spending more to stay young and active. According to the Global Wellness Institute, the global wellness industry is worth over $3 billion, three times more than the current value of pharmaceuticals. The same trend has been observed by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, which reported that surgical and minimally invasive procedures have risen drastically since the year 2000.

Even as consumer spending and product development continue to mount, scientific evidence of efficacy remains slow. Instead, there is one tried and tested way to get naturally glowing skin — by natural means of course — and it all starts from deep within.

 How do you get naturally glowing skin?

 To get naturally glowing skin simply follow the 8 simple tips below:

Tip 1:  Eat the right kinds of food. Stop eating processed foods and start incorporating more fresh veggies and fruits, and freshly cooked, hot meals in your diet. Processed foods are harder for your body to metabolize, whereas foods kept close to their natural states are easily digestible and support many body processes that include skin renewal and regeneration.

Tip 2:  Drink plenty of fluids throughout the day. Stay away from canned juices and soda. Your body is best left nourished with water. There are some great apps you can use that remind you to drink water throughout your day; here is a very popular one. Blend your own veggie and fruit smoothies so that you can get more of these great "skin" foods in your daily diet.

Tip 3:  Exercise regularly. You don’t have to join a gym, just find a physical activity that you enjoy a lot. Whether it’s swimming, outdoor biking, trail hiking, yoga or something else, the point is that it has to be interesting enough for you to want to keep doing it.

Tip 4: Manage your stress. You’re not the only one who’s stressed, it’s just that some are better able to manage it. Learn some techniques that you can do to stay calm under pressure. Sometimes preparedness and a proper mindset is all you need to help you get through moments of anxiety. Mind you, exercise is also a well recognized way to beat stress — now you have even more reason to get and stay active. Stress is bad to our hair too. As it can be a reason for your early hair loss.

Tip 5:  Manage your energy. The problem with the digital age is that your gadgets are making you accessible to anybody, anywhere, at any time of day —yes, even the unforgivable hours of night and day. Allocate time for all aspects of your life, including time for your loved ones and for yourself.

Tip 6:  Ease up on your skincare and cosmetics products. Determine the product categories you need, like a regular moisturizer you love. The products you need are usually based on your skin type, your age, and your specific skin issues. Avoid products with harsh ingredients.  When you use only the products that you actually need you have much less likelihood of irritating your skin.

Tip 7: Get enough rest and sleep to recharge! You only have so much to give. Your body, including your skin, renews and recharges best when you sleep. If you don't sleep enough your skin will not renew itself like it wants to. Claim that privilege by getting enough sleep. Many people report getting a more sound sleep when they use a sound machine.

Tip 8:  Turn away from your vices. If you smoke but want glowing skin, quit smoking or forget about achieving youthful skin. With thousands of chemicals in every cigarette, and about a hundred either confirmed or suspected carcinogens, there is no way you can puff and not damage your skin cells in the process. The same goes for excessive alcohol consumption. It dries up the moisture in your moisture in your skin. Choose to take one glass of red wine which is rich in resveratrol, an antioxidant, and you’ll be doing yourself a favor.


Skincare does not need to be expensive or complicated. Keep in mind that the tips that really make a difference are the ones you can implement every day. Slow and steady wins the race for natural, glowing skin.

7/26/2022 4:00:00 AM
Lisiana Carter
Written by Lisiana Carter
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Good recommendations all. But I would add using sunscreen on days you'll be outside. I have very WHITE skin that only can do red for another color. There is no "tan" for me. Yet, due to daily SPF15 in a moisturizer EVERY day for 30 years, I have to show my ID to get "senior discounts" that start at 50, even though I'm 71. The smoking part has one component not mentioned: smoking lowers the estrogen levels in our blood by 15%, so every cigarette is a "mini-menopause", denying your skin the smooth elasticity of youth far too soon. Plus, of course, those wrinkled upper lips from sucking on a cigarette continually show up far too early. Don't be a sucker! Don't smoke. You ARE what you eat, and you don't want to make an ash out of yourself. ;-)
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