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Do you feel like you are filled to the brim with “stuff” to do? Work, family, health, social life and the list goes on and on and on… . Your energy may feel like it was just sucked up by a vacuum. What if you are missing out on an opportunity to boost your energy, pretty easily and for free; would you do it?

I want you to think of your energetic body like a balloon. When you are energetically full, you feel this sense of lightness, ease and ability to give to others.  When energy is sucked out of you, you feel a little warped, exhausted, deflated and unable to give.  And simply stated, sometimes you feel like you are on the verge of bursting and ready to POP. Sound familiar anyone?

How do you balance your energy? You likely have heard about eating well, exercising and making sure hormones levels are up to par. All good stuff, now here’s something else to consider. Have you ever thought about linking your energy level to the gift of receiving? Yes, you heard me right, receiving.

You’ve likely experienced this, perhaps when out in nature at a beautiful location. Remember a time when you were able to soak up the sun or natual beauty and it filled you with inner peace or happiness. Or think about a time when you were enthralled with music or art, where the sound or image really captured your attention and gave you this sense of calmness or perhaps invincibility, if it’s your favorite rock song. There are endless ways to receive gifts from other people, nature, music, arts, spirituality, pets, hobbies and so forth.

Now let’s dive in and explore receiving from others. If someone is walking down the street and says “Hey, I really like your shirt.” Do you say “Oh this old thing, I got it 50% off” or do you fully embrace the compliment, RECEIVE it and say thank-you?

When a friend offers to buy you lunch, do you say:

  1. “Oh no, I’ve got it” and insist on paying. 
  2. Haggle back and forth for a awhile, cave in to the gift and then insist you are paying next time.
  3. Gratefully accept the gift with appreciation. 

Receiving, my friend, also helps you increase your  positive energy. Not only does it fill up your balloon by receiving gifts, it also acknowledges that you see value in yourself. Do you value yourself? If yes, then why the heck wouldn’t you accept a gift that adds to your value.  Others are showing their appreciation of you, are you open to accept it?

Consider this, when someone offers you a gift/compliment, not only accept it graciously by saying something like “Wow, that is so kind of you, I really appreciate this special treat today” AND say to yourself, YES, I am open to receive gifts and am deserving of these gifts. Then FEEL the emotion associated with the gift: gratitude, happiness, joy, love. If you are too busy arguing about it, you lose the intensity of the positive emotion and lose energy in arguing. Openly recieving adds personal value and positive energy into your life, for free. The person gifting you is doing so for a reason, embrace it!

Perhaps our independent culture or your upbringing sees you as being strong-will and needing to do it all yourself. Is that really serving you? Are you exhausted?  When you deny these gifts, your balloon is deflating, deflating and deflating and you can’t figure out why. Challenge yourself this week: receive each gift that comes your way with gratitude and see what happens. You may be a magnet for gifts; aka, positive energy that makes you balloon float with ease.

Please share how you were able to receive this week.

6/12/2016 7:00:00 AM
Tina Lensing
Written by Tina Lensing
I'm inspired to help individuals live with passion and meaning. Everyone deserves happiness in their life. I help people work from the inside out to make big transitions in their life & job to ignite passion, purpose and fulfillment. I grew up on an small organic farm in central Minnesota. Values that were ingrained...
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Too much repetitive information to have to listen to. Cut it down by half and maybe people can stand to listen.
Posted by Joanne Rogstad
I think you meant "haggle" over the bill--not "hackle."
Posted by SUsan
Enjoyed reading the article. People many times take pills they believe in that has slightly less effectiveness in control studies compared to the outcome of proven effective drugs. In fact, outcome studies compare the drug outcome to this so-called placebo effect, as a benchmark for accepting this drug in the market in the first place. Mind you, a placebo may be 50% effective and the proven drug 60%. (50% is safe; the 60% has risks and side effects.)
Mind Body belief is almost as powerful as proven drugs. That is the purpose of doing studies on conditions we do not really understand: to rule out the “Mind Body Connection ” of positive expectation in your “balloon” to justify medications because they are slightly better. In other words, Positive expectations ala Tina’s article are powerful “medicines” in their own right.
My guess is that filling a “balloon” with a healing and graceful emotion impacts-- within seconds --healthy response from DNA for calming neurotransmitters and more competent immunological responses from viruses, fungus, bacteria, fungus, oxidation, and other “incoming artillery” that are attacking us second by second. For instance, when we take stress examinations, we get colds. When we suffer a personal and painful loss, sometimes we get cancers.
There are 400,000 miles of nerve fibers in adult humans and these infiltrate every part of our physiology, including lymph nodes and lymph channels whose function is to fight infections and cancers.
Additionally, our DNA is triggered to replace the inner lining of our blood vessels, called the endothelial glycocalyx, whose depletion is the root cause of oxidative damage, leading to most atherosclerosis and many cancers, such as breast, lung, and prostrate.
In future articles we will talk about how Statin therapy is not the best for us even though it is the number one drug in the Sick Care Industrial Complex and a billion dollar market. Little tease: coming shortly on within the next several weeks--and to the rest of the world—a Health and Wellness tool to measure our endothelial glycocalyx and how to make it more lean and mean. This breakthrough comes from the emerging science of Health and Wellness, neglected vis a vie the Sick Care Industrial Complex, like statin promotion.
Meanwhile, part of the puzzle is our graceful and healing emotions generated by accepting gifts in recognition of our self-worth. Turn on the healthy DNA by filling your “balloon.” Replenish your lean and mean healthy glycocalyx by filling same balloon.
For a comprehensive and balanced approach to these issues stay tuned for our “What is Wellness” ( series to eventually become an E book by Tina, some of our coaching friends, and me.
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