Gluten Free Sources for Your Next Cookout

You finally found a gluten free hot dog, but do you risk using your favorite ketchup and mustard (which might not be gluten free) for a bite of your favorite comfort food? There are a number of great tasting gluten free options, even better than the non gluten free versions. Here’s a list that is sure to help you out:


  1. Annie's Naturals. They have 3 luscious mustards: Honey, Yellow and Dijon. They even have a horseradish and lite honey vinaigrette. Even though they use distilled white vinegar, it is not derived from wheat, as per a representative from the company.
  2. Heinz Yellow Mustard reports that it uses corn as the source for its vinegar and indicates on its packaging that it is gluten free.
  3. Koops' Mustard makes a nice line of gluten free mustards.
  4. Organicville is certified gluten free and has a few mustards that tested below 10 ppm.

What brands of hot dog and hamburger buns are gluten free?

  1. Ener-G buns contain less than 5 ppm.
  2. Katz Gluten-Free contain less than 10 ppm.
  3. Kinnikinnick Foods contain less than 5 ppm.
  4. Rudi’s contains less than 10 ppm.
  5. 3 Bakers contains less than 5 ppm.
  6. Udi’s contains less than 10 ppm.

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What are food manufacturers required to place on their labels?

Manufacturers use wheat based vinegar to make ketchup, but they do not disclose where they sourced their vinegar nor do they indicate that it is wheat-derived. Always call the manufacturer to confirm.

What brands of ketchup are gluten free?

  1. Annie's Naturals Ketchup
  2. Heinz Ketchup.
  3. Organicville Ketchup
  4. Walden Farms

I have information like this on my fridge to make it easy for me to shop gluten free. Some people shop gluten free all the time, others only do so when friends or family come over who have issues with gluten. Either way, keep information like this handy and you'll never be left wondering what to buy.

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