8 Things to Quit Today…To Stop Making Stupid Choices

Stupid choices? Sure we all make them. Hopefully as we get older (and sometimes wiser) though, we figure out that we can do better. If you’re ready to start making BETTER choices, let’s take a look at the top 8 things to quit starting today.

1. Quit making excuses. Excuses totally take you away from what you need to face in order to be better. Make more. Be healthier. Create sustainable relationships. Excuses are detours away from reality. They put the blame elsewhere and take away your power to make good choices for yourself. Excuses keep you from being accountable for your own actions and the consequences that follow. Take charge and determine your own path and you will make better choices.

2. Quit settling for less. Settling comes from fear. I will take this job because I may not get a better offer. Date this person because I might not find anyone else. Settling is unsettling to the rest of your life. Step up and figure out what you want. What are your non-negotiables? What is important to you? And then go after it. Stop thinking that you can’t have what you want. That mindset will always prove to be true—if you think it then it will happen. Raise your standards and require more—of yourself and others. Then make choices that align with those beliefs.

3. Quit refusing to listen to good advice. Most bad choices occur because we listened to bad advice and CHOSE to ignore the good advice. Listen to your inner voices. You usually know who really has your back. Cares for you. Wants the best for you. And who doesn’t. Trust your intuition and make decisions based on good research and people you respect for all the right reasons.

4. Quit being so impulsive. STOP and think for just a minute (or a day) before you rush into making decisions. Most bad choices are made quickly without much time, effort, or serious thought. And they were ego driven—more than brain-driven. Not a good idea. Very few big, important decisions have to be made right this minute. Most choices affect you for a long time. So take the time to do it right.

5. Quit being so emotional. Emotional and impulsive usually go hand in hand. Emotions are great—sometimes. But NOT when making a choice that could change your life. People do NOT make good decisions when they are sad. Angry. Hurt. Grieving. Feeling low. Scared. In these times you need to get through the emotion and approach your decision with your intellect and common sense working for you—not emotions working against you.

6. Quit avoiding change. Good choices almost always require some change. In attitude. Behaviors. Perceptions. If you want things to stay the same then all your choices will be based on keeping things status quo. And you will never get ahead. Or make more money. Or find new relationships. Change and good choices go hand in hand.

7. Quit doing things that go against your values. If you value being healthy but eat junk food and never exercise, then your choices aren’t aligned with your values. Or value family life but work all the time. Or value harmony but keep bringing negative people into your life. What do you want? What kind of life? Health? Financial security? Job? Relationships? Make your choices with your values and beliefs at the forefront. Your choices will then reflect who you truly are.

8. Quit avoiding making a decision. Refusing to make a choice is not the answer. Talk about being stuck right where you are forever. That’s a choice itself. Choices are never easy. At least not the important one. Each alternative has its pros and cons. And unfortunately the best choices are often NOT the easiest ones to make. It takes courage to make choices. And even more courage to make the right choices for you. But to make no choice at all generally keeps you in a place you don’t want to be.

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Connie Podesta
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Plain language, hit good points, choosing good is easy, thank you
Posted by Christopher
This is an excellent article that is designed to break up our procrastination and excuse cycle so we can make progress. It seems the older I get, the more ingrained my bad behavior is, but this article inspires me to want to face reality and make those needed changes!
Posted by Estaeheli
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