America the Beautiful: Land of the Free, Home of the Wasteful

America the Beautiful; Land of the Free, Home of the Wasteful

Let’s face it, Americans are wasteful in numerous ways. From excessive food waste, to pure laziness when it comes to sorting trash and recycling, the U.S. of A is contributing to many problematic issues. We turn a blind eye to the Pacific Garbage Patch, insane fossil fuel addiction, and extreme water waste.

However, there is a way to start to make a difference. We can apply change to our lives, by living off the grid, the trash grid that is!

Recycling Tips
If recycling is not ingrained in your day to day life yet, making the transition is surprisingly easy. Lauren Singer from New York is a prime example of living off the trash grid. Through careful shopping choices, a conscious mindset, and a long term plan Lauren has managed to fit all of her trash for two years into one small mason jar.

Here’s a list of items that should always be recycled:

-Used Oil

Check out the recycling section of the EPA’s website for additional helpful tips and a step-by-step recycling guide. If you are having trouble where to locate a place to recycle certain items, turn to this handy recycling locator by Recycle Now.

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I only have one question about this blog. Does he not realize that there are 2 Billion people in China alone and they get a free ride. We live in the greatest Country in the world and yes we waste some. But like Al Gore wanting Americans to feel guilty that they are the cause of global warming, Mr. Palmer conveniently ignores the rest of the world, which is the way the rest of the world likes it. Many places in the world would still be living in extreme poverty, without food or medicines. The fact that some places are not as well off as the United States is not our fault. We traded for the things we use in this Country, those Countries have things like food, shelter, doctors, medicine because we buy those things, we did steal things in the ground that they did not have a use for. But with money they improved the lives of their people, most places now have adequate food supplies, electricity, automobiles, public transportation, medical clinics, and on and on because they United States bought something we needed and gave them a chance to buy the things they needed. Unlike the Russians or Nazi's or Chinese Communists we did not take over Countries and steal their resources we saved many Countries from being taken over and then we gave their Country back to them. People living in this Country need to stop blaming the United States for all the world's ills, no other Country in history has done so much for the millions of people living all over the world. I do not feel the need to self flagellate myself because we have the highest standard of living in the world. You don't raise other boats by shooting holes in yours. Maybe it is not the authors intention to demean this Country but by implying that we are greedy and wasteful while ignoring the fact that China builds and puts online a coal fired electrical generating plant on average of 1 a week, or the fact their environmental regulations are almost non-existent and dismal at best. Can we do better, yes, but not at the expense of ruining our own economy while the rest of the world gets a pass. I have been writing for years that only Hydrogen can replace carbon based fuels. It is the most abundant energy source in the known universe, is clean, renewable and available to help clean the atmosphere. It is a known fact that the last volcano in Iceland that erupted recently put more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere than all of man's activities to date in just a few months. Ask yourself what Al Gore would have thought had he seen all the global warming taking place at the end of the last ice age. Would he have soiled his Wooly Mamouth
pajamas to see mountains of ice disappear? I hope Mr. Parmer comes up with a substitute for plastics that are not biodegradable and harm the environment. I hope he now uses Nitrogen in his tires to get better mileage out of each gallon of gasoline he puts in his car. Obama said the US could save 700 million barrels of oil per year if everyone just kept their tires properly inflated. Well for $5 a tire you can replace air with Nitrogen that keeps your tires properly inflated for years at a time. They run cooler in hot weather at today's highway speeds, thus are safer, it is a known fact that properly inflated tires will give you anywhere from 3 to 5 miles per gallon better gas mileage. But people like to talk about doing things that will help, but won't spend a couple of Big Macs to improve the world. Nitrogen saves you money by keeping tires properly inflated your tires last 10 times longer and you don't have to lay out $1000 for new tires before the rated mileage for those tires expire. If you are a tree hugger, a whale lover, someone who thinks about doing something to help the world then spend $20 and put Nitrogen in your tires. I will be looking for you driving around and I I see a safe the earth sticker and you don't have the green Nitrogen caps then I will know you are all talk and won't do the least thing that could help the planet and stop sending billions more dollars to terror exporting oil producing Countries in the Middle East.
Posted by swann2001

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