5 Experts Who Are Wrong On Menopause

Recently 5 menopause experts from different universities from the United States and Canada were asked the following question:

Is hormone replacement therapy safe?

Their answers prove they are no experts.

Not one doctor acknowledged menopause as a disease. By definition, disease is defined by predictable signs and symptoms. The signs of menopause are predictable and universal - loss of bone density, loss of body hair, loss of muscle tone, constipation, dry skin, shriveled genitals. It happens to every menopausal woman whether she feels it or not.

Real menopause experts would recognize menopause as a disease

Not one of these doctors showed an understanding of basic human physiology. Menopause happens because of organ failure not because the human body ever loses its need for its hormones. A person’s body works the same way at the age of 105 as it does at the age of 25. Our DNA and what fuels it (hormones, vitamins, and minerals) never changes. This means your body needs the same thing at 105 as it does at 25 to stay healthy. This means treatment should be lifelong.

Real menopause experts would recognize treatment is forever not just a few years 

Not one of these doctors acknowledged that the organs that failed, the ovaries, produce four hormones, not just one or two. The ovaries produce hormones that work together to keep a woman’s whole body healthy, including her brain, nervous system, skin, intestines, and muscles. Complete treatment of ovarian failure means complete hormone replacement which includes progesterone, testosterone, DHEA, estradiol.

Real menopause experts would recognize complete menopause treatment includes all of the ovarian hormones, not just one or two, which would be considered under-treatment

Each doctor used the Women’s Health Initiative (WHI) clinical trial as a model for treatment options. Not one of these doctors took the time to see the unethical choices made in this clinical trial. For instance, it was supposed to be an HRT or hormone replacement trial for menopause, yet no hormone testing was done. How can hormone replacement be proved if no hormone testing was done? In the medical world, only blood tests prove replacement has been accomplished.

Real menopause experts would recognize unethical hormone trials and dismiss their findings

Not one of these doctors suggested the use of bio-identical hormones. It’s a fact that bioidentical hormones which are maintained at normal, youthful levels can have few to no side effects. It is also a fact that synthetic or non-bioidentical hormones will always have side effects no matter what blood level they have. Side effects from synthetic hormones are always worse than those from bio-identical hormones. Bio-identical hormones like testosterone, have been proven to prevent breast cancer while synthetic hormones have been shown to increase breast cancer.

Real menopause experts would understand that using synthetic hormones is like putting square tires on a car and expecting it to have a smooth ride

It takes more than just having an MD after your name to be a menopause expert. As always, one should do his or her own own research based on their specific symptoms and other health conditions they might need to consider. For example, hormone therapy might not be the best solution for anyone who has had breast cancer, ovarian cancer, endometrial cancer, blood clots in the legs or lungs, stroke, liver disease. But it should always be part of the conversation.

Here is the list of menopause experts who are wrong on menopause.

-Dr. K. Flood-Shaffer, Associate Professor in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at the University of Cincinnati in Ohio.

-Dr. Joseph Ragaz, Medical Oncologist and Clinical Professor of Medicine in the School of Population & Public Health at the University of British Columbia in Canada

-Dr. Neil Goodman, Chairman of the Reproductive Medicine Committee of the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists and Professor of Medicine at the University of Miami in Florida

-Dr. Michael A. Thomas, Professor and Director of the Division of Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility at the University of Cincinnati in Ohio

-Dr. John E. Buster, Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Warren Alpert Medical School at Brown University, and Associate Director of the Division of Reproductive Endocrinology at the Women & Infant's Hospital of Rhode Island



8/21/2020 7:00:00 AM
Beth Rosenshein
Written by Beth Rosenshein
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Posted by Laura Mildred
Thank you SO much for calling out, and naming the "menopause experts" one hopes the scientist within & not the ego will be enough not to dismiss the article outright, even if it's got a hint of advertising. The silent "YES!!!!" of millions are grateful one dates to take on the establishment. I can't say it's just men, but ageism that stymies medical advancement in this area. The suicide rate among men in andropause age spikes to levels equaled only to teenage years; while women are die slow, painful, cancerous deaths from the synthetic hormones, all because subconsciously, the public at large, including the medically community, believe we're just not accepting our mortality. That's the unspoken prejudice.
Its hard to fathom,by the time I reached my mother's menopausal age, today, in 2018, the answers are still "Remifemin", Wild Yam, or synthetic hormones! WTF?
Bio-identical hormones are the future. But, like dental implants, you better have a bundle set aside. Because like the populace, insurance companies aren't interested in us living longer, healthier lives either.
Posted by Krista Errickson
Is anyone surprised that all these so-called "experts" are men?
Posted by Pat
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