Telling the Absolute Complete Truth

Everything you would like to experience in Life is just beyond F.E.A.R.

False Evidence Appearing Real.

In my last post, I started to mention the tool of T.A.C.T

Telling the Absolute Complete Truth.

So TACT is a tool with which we remind ourselves about levels of truth and how we use them.

Using TACT in your life does not give you permission to be hurtful, disrespectful or rude, however it encourages you to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth when stating your needs, telling your story, dealing with situations or expressing your feelings.

What happens when you don’t tell the truth?

Not telling the truth in a relationship (any relationship) is like not watering a plant- you end up killing something that was once alive and growing. The inevitable result of holding back the truth from someone you care for is that you end up holding back the love as well.

After some time in a relationship where the truth is not expressed you will look back and wonder ‘What happened to that juicy feeling? Where did the magic go?’ The answer is that the love and magic are buried under piles of uncommunicated emotions.

You simply cannot suppress your negative (low vibrational) feelings (anger, fear, hurt, guilt) and expect the positive (high vibrational) emotions to remain lively. When you numb yourself to your undesirable emotions, you are numbing your ability to feel positive emotions as well.

The long-term effect of not telling the truth to yourself or others and of pushing down your feelings is that you lose your ability to feel positive emotions like joy, excitement and passion.

The dictionary defines passion as "an intense feeling." Every time you suppress a feeling you don’t want to deal with you are systematically destroying your ability to feel, and step by step you are killing the passion in all your relationships and everything else you do.

I have found when using TACT in all areas of my life that another quality is very useful... and that’s grace.

In our next article, we will start to discuss the 4 R’s - Repression (& Suppression), Rejection, Resentment and Resistance in more detail and how they affect our daily life.

Taken from How to do Life – the secrets to modern living, By Pennie Quaile Pearce.

Pennie is the CEO of Acorn to Oak, an expert in energetics and energetic medicine, a Life Coach, author and workshop facilitator. 

6/17/2015 7:00:00 AM
Pennie Quaile-Pearce
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I agree. But when you have a grown adult trying to basically control another grown adult. It's not that you don't want to
Be truthful , but you would rather keep things to yourself. Because they go off on you. Their advice may be great , but approach and tactics are not great . So you hold back. What do you do?
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