3-Step Morning Routine to Boost Your Mood All Day...

For those of you who wake up in the morning feeling less than stellar, there are some simple techniques you can implement into your morning routine to give you an extra boost. These techniques are simple to do and best of all, they are free! Give the following three morning mood-boosting rituals a shot and transform your morning into a truly happy, soulful experience!

1) Practice Deep Breathing

In Ayurveda, yoga's sister discipline, deep-breathing techniques are called pranayama. These techniques help to settle, balance and detoxify the body. When we wake from a long night's sleep we're often still holding onto undigested thoughts and emotions. Pranayama can help us cleanse the body of those thoughts and boost our mood in the process. Specific breathing exercises also support elimination (as we know is needed in the morning). We can begin with a very simple breathing exercise called “calm belly breathing.

It goes like this:

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Patrick Banks
Written by Patrick Banks
Patrick Banks is a lifestyle writer with an intense passion for health & nutrition. He provides tips on how to boost your potential and feel confident with your body. He believes that laughter and successful social interactions are the best medicine.
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Meditation is meditation. Can't imagine how Buddhism could threaten anyone. No ideologies, no gods to kill for. I'm not Buddhist. There are Buddhists I find compatible and Buddhists whose earthly behaviour / personalities are not. And thinking kind thoughts towards self, others, the Good Earth seems healthier than American Sniper or Breaking Bad mentality.
A 1500 lb Quarter horse taught me 5 decades ago that love and kindness are the only bargaining tools that don't require a life of looking over your shoulder.
Posted by dvda
Article was good til it said to do Buddhist meditations.... I certainly am not interested in that kind of meditation. Also it has turned me off from bothering to read anything else that you write since I know from whence your words are coming.
Posted by Sandi
Good stuff, Brother Banks... thx for spreading positive information
Posted by Stan

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