How Much Water Should I Drink?

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Continuous media hype from self-proclaimed “health experts" and diet gurus decrees the necessity for drinking a minimum of eight 8-ounce glasses of water daily. There are other people, many of whom are bona fide experts, waging the argument that you can drink too much water, even to the consequence of death.

The ever-present water bottle clutched in the hands of celebrities whose photos look out at you from every newsstand lends credence to the concept that everyone should sip water continuously. Viral posts on social media reinforce that notion. The ubiquitous “8x8" directive is accepted as a basic health care rule, but what is the origin of the rigid tenet that adults must drink 64 ounces (2 liters) of water daily to be healthy and hydrated? If you're confused by what you hear or read regarding how much water to drink, you are not alone. Which side of this controversy should you believe? Read on...

2/23/2018 8:00:00 AM
Donald McGee
Written by Donald McGee
Dr. Donald McGee is the Founder of, a Board Certified M.D., graduated from Mt Sinai School of Medicine in New York, and has an accredited PhD in Health Studies from Saybrook Institute in San Francisco. He is also a Diplomate of the American Board of Emergency Medicine as well as a Fellow of the American ...
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32 for me a day...
Posted by Bozo
I have never drank a lot of water. If I drink to much water I get cramps.
Posted by Raymond Babcock
thank u
Posted by venkatasubbaiah jana
I'm 57. As women age we find leakage to be an issue. We stop drinking fluids thinking this will make a difference (it doesn't). Recently I've bought into the 'drink more water' thought and have found that the leakage issue has gotten better not worse. It seems my internal systems are working better for it. I'm certain that I've been under-hydrated for years. I've had enough to stay alive but not enough to stay healthy.

I can't say how much is too much but do think most people don't drink enough.
Posted by Deb
Thank you for this article. I am not an M.D. or a neuroscientist. I am just an average everyday person who happens to be a group exercise instructor. I encourage people to take water breaks during my classes especially indoor cycling. I do agree that we have to rehydrate. I had two students come to class yesterday without water. Luckily, I had two extra bottles with me and passed them along. I guess anything in excessive consumption is bad for us. Moderation is the key...
Posted by Catherine Hunt
well water is the most important thing
Posted by jesenebarochin
This article gave appropriate information on a subject about which the general population is largely ignorant. The facts were good, the editorial comments not as astute. The idea that you can die from drinking too much water in the same sentence as eight glasses of water a day is misleading and confusing to those who do not do their own research. As a nurse who spends much time convincing dehydrated people to drink 8 glasses of water a day, I hate it when physicians deflect from that. We are on the front lines and know that there are thousands more people destroying their health through dehydration than from water intoxication.
Posted by Elizabeth
Water flow is passive. It is controlled by the ion pumps. The ion pumps are fueled by ATP. 90% of ATP is consumed by these pumps. Concentrations gradients create charged membranes that suddenly release their stored energy and allow our muscles and minds to move. When the cells lose too much water they shrink and the cellular organelles become less efficient. Imagine a crowded workshop where output suffers.
Think Donald of the lethargy of thought in the early afternoon. You have pee'ed out the last of your coffee and diet coke. What to do? Take an adderal? Go for a walk?
None of the above.
Drink a glass of water and relax for several minutes while your mitochondria flex their muscles and the brain sloth disappears. I feel bad for anyone who has not discovered that H2O is a subtle energy drink. My ideas here are being fueled by 12 oz of coffee (99% H2O). Forget the kidney and fitness gurus and simply introspect. That margarita you had the other night was a triple whammy of water, sugar and brain solvent (EtOH) that dissolved persistent and annoying thought loops. Do not over-analyse the Great Hydration Conundrum. Never begin an article by denouncing self proclaimed experts. MD's are some of the worst self proclaimers. Sometimes a thirsty dog has more insight than a PhD.
Posted by douglas finlayson MD
Thank You. so much for this article
Posted by Sandy

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