Tiny Houses Are A Great Way To Reduce Stress

Tiny Treasure Home

Tiny houses are a new trend sweeping the country.

No one argues the impact negative stress can have on your health and lifespan. With stress being a major contributing factor to disease, and even death, more and more people are realizing that big houses and all the stress that comes along with them, such as high bills, maintenance etc., means less free time to do more exciting things in life. There is actually a term for it, it's called being "house poor." Changing the way you look at big houses and all the stress that goes along with them can result in a life with lots of extra cash, more time for what matters and less stress.

As a result there's a major trend happening with many people choosing a simpler, more free lifestyle by downsizing, or as some say "right sizing," into tiny houses. What people may not realize is that there is a more extreme version of this trend sweeping the country where people are literally building beautiful houses on trailerable frames. You can put one in a side yard and use it like a guest house or rent it out like a spare bedroom.

Tiny Home Inside

The main difference between "Tiny Homes" and modern trailers and RV's is that Tiny Homes are built using standard home building materials so they tend to feel much more like a real home. Best of all, they can be towed, easily relocating to beautiful new places on a whim. The better ones are self-sufficient, nearly if not completely "off-grid" using solar electricity and composting toilets.

My name is Greg Montoya and I've been following the tiny house movement for many years. One day I woke up and thought to myself... "Why not get involved?" Since then, we've built our own beautiful tiny home and began to help others do the same. This passion progressed into a company called Tiny Treasure Homes that now helps others build or buy the most comfortable and usable tiny houses on the most modern trailerable frames.

My goal is to help people learn to live debt-free with affordable tiny homes that provide more freedom, less stress and a healthier overall lifestyle. You can learn more about tiny homes here: www.tinytreasurehomes.com

2/6/2018 8:00:00 AM
Greg Montoya
Written by Greg Montoya
Greg Montoya, by the grace of God, is a successful family man and business owner. Greg has a strong desire to help others in need who want to help themselves. Greg Montoya hopes to leave the world better than he found it.
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Posted by Shelia Wilton
I like this I owned our home 22 years in March 2011 the 29th I was locked out put in the streets on a extremely low low limited income SSI disability
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Posted by Rebecca lara
I love the tiny house! Cozy, comfortable, lots of storage space and feels like a luxury home while saving money and natural resources. The best of both worlds!
Posted by Sherri Rippy
I can't speak for others, but living in a "tiny house" would drive me crazy, not reduce my stress. I like to cook and my kitchen is probably the size of one of these entire houses, and it's not too large. To me there is something calming about generous spaces, even (or especially) if they are uncluttered.
Posted by mjshep
Hi Greg, My hubby and I and our friends have been looking at the tiny homes. Do you know anything about how they are insured? Are they covered like a RV would be under automobile insurance or would it be something that would be covered like your homeowners insurance?
Posted by Debbie
I like this tiny houses, you can travel much more with them. Greg, do you plan to sell them in Europe as well?

Posted by Pavel
Greg, are we at last moving toward good stewardship of planet Earth? Big houses, like big cars, waste precious resources . . . more likely to be broken into, catch on fire, or expose residents to radon gas & other unhealthy things. These tiny houses are in line with the work of Mad Housers & tent city urbanism, which aim to help homeless people. We need to become more efficient & self-sustaining as a global society; we also need to look out for the homeless, most of whom (contrary to popular opinion) didn't choose to be such. Your article will hopefully help readers become more macrocosmic . . . great work!
Posted by Fred Fletcher
Very cool Greg... I want one! Hey, you know... where I live, we could rent one out for probably $1200 per month. How much would it cost to own one monthly? I'd imagine it wouldn't cost more than $600 bucks per month, so that could be positive cashflow if you a place to park one.
Posted by John Valenty
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